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       Here are some special Web pages, slideshows, and presentations on news, events, and conditions in Santa Teresa Park and activities in other parks. Some of these links are to other Websites.

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Ranch Spirit Day, 8/25/07

Festival in the Park, Hellyer County Park 6/24/07
Slideshow: Festival in the Park, Hellyer County Park, 6/24/07 (10MB)

Coyote Lake Trail day 5/5/07
Coyote Lake VOCAL Trail Day Slideshow 5/5/07

Albertson Parkway
Powerpoint Presentation on the Albertson Parkway (4.5MB), PDF (8.5MB)

Founders Day Fandango, 11/18/06
Low-resolution 7-minute (22 MB wmv file) video of the singing and dancing at Fandango.

Fantasy of Lights

Santa Teresa Park Neighborhood Pig Problems

Mountain bikers coming down Rocky Ridge Trail
Mountain Bike Race at Santa Teresa Park, 10/16/05

Air tanker fire retardant drop
Santa Teresa Park Fire, 10-8-05

Old barn at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch
Ron Horii's Outdoor Photography and Internet Publishing (From a class given at the Bernal Ranch 9/17/05)

Working on the Stile Ranch Trail
Stile Ranch Trail Day: 1/8 and 1/9/05.

Small geocache container
Geocaching in Santa Teresa Park

Johnson House at the Buck Norred Site
Pictures of the Norred Ranch Site and Nearby Areas

Opening of the Wood Road Trail, Almaden Quicksilver
Wood Road Trail at Almaden Quicksilver on 4/17/04.

Moving rocks on the Rocky Ridge Trail
Rocky Ridge Trail work day on 4/10/04.

Lisa Killough speaking at the Volunteers Award Dinner
2004 County Parks Volunteers Awards Dinner

Mike Boulland Receiving Award from Joe Schultz
2003 County Parks Volunteers Awards Dinner

Windows wallpaper: rock on the Stile Ranch Trail
Windows desktop background wallpaper pictures of Santa Teresa Park

Working on the Ohlone Trail
California Trail Days, April 26, 2003 on the Ohlone Trail near the archery range

Tour of the Bernal Ranch House
Girl Scout Tour of Rancho Santa Teresa 3/8/03

Movie of view from Coyote Peak to San Francisco (1 MB MPEG)

Movie of the waterfall in Upper Laurel Canyon 1/11/03 (2MB MPEG)

Coyote Peak viewpoint
Coyote Peak Views February 2003

Upper Laurel Canyon waterfall
News and pictures for January 2003

The barn at the dedication of the Joice-Bernal-Gulnac Ranch
Dedication of the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, June 29, 2002

Working on the Ohlone Trail near the Nature Trail
California Trail Day on the Ohlone/Nature Trail, April 20, 2002

Blue dicks along the Joice-Bernal Trail
Spring 2002 wildflowers

Food line at the volunteer's BBQ
Annual Santa Clara County Park Volunteer BBQ at the New Almaden Community Club 10/20/01.

New sign on the Mine Trail
Santa Teresa Park, October 2001, New Signs and Trail Conditions

Santa Teresa Park Fire
Santa Teresa Park Fire, October 1, 2001.

FOSTP booth at the Santa Teresa Community Fest
Santa Teresa Community Fair, Sept. 22, 2001

Painted-over cottage at the Buck Norred Ranch site
Buck Norred Ranch Paint-Over, 9/21/01

Pyzak Ranch from the Bear Tree Lot
The Pyzak Ranch and Santa Teresa Park

Santa Teresa Spring pond with duck
Santa Teresa Park Slide Show, May-July 2001.

Newly-restored barn at the Bernal Ranch
Park Pictures, 2/25/01

Path around Santa Teresa Spring
Joice Bernal Rancho and Santa Teresa Springs on 4/13/01

Mike Boulland with his class, giving a presentation
County Parks Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner, 4/12/01

Rainbow over Tulare Hill
New Views - Rainbows and Waterfalls, 2/27/00

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