Park Pictures 2/25/01


The pictures below show some of the recent conditions and developments in Santa Teresa park. See the FOSTP meeting minutes to find out more about some of these developments.
Waterfall in Upper Laurel Canyon seen from the Hidden Springs Trail below the Wright Center

New light by Santa Teresa Springs upper walkway Closeup of solar-powered automatic light


Lower light at edge of springs

New fence around recently-painted ranch house at the Joice Bernal Rancho New restroom (not open at the time), new fence, and recently-painted barn

New fence around recently-painted caretaker's house at the Joice Bernal Rancho

Drainage channel next to the start of the Joice Trail next to the caretaker's house Restored barn with new roof, paint job, and fences

New gravel path leading from the ranch house to Santa Teresa Springs

New fence at the base of the hill next to the Wright Center entrance. Notice the tracks caused by illegal 4WD use.

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Created 2/26/2001 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park