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Photo Class, Wildflower Walk

Santa Teresa Park, April 4, 2009

The pictures below were taken at Ron Horii's outdoor photography class, held at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch at Santa Teresa County Park on April 4, 2009. About 30 people attended. Sam Drake and Mike Boulland from the Friends of Santa Teresa Park helped with the class. The class began with a Powerpoint slideshow in the barn, then moved outside the ranch house for an outdoor talk and demo.

Ron giving a Powerpoint slideshow in the barn. (Photo by Sam Drake)

Ron giving a demo outside by the ranch house. (Photo by Sam Drake)

The class in the yard near the ranch house. In the background is the chicken coop.

More of the class. In the background is the restroom. On wall of the restroom are posters with wildflower pictures and a slideshow of Santa Teresa Park.

Flowers by the ranch house. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

Calla lilies by the ranch house. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

Yellow oxalis. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

After the talk, Mike Boulland led a walk to Santa Teresa Spring. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

Mike talked about the history of the spring. Ron gave a demo showing the use of polarizing filters. Afterwards, the group walked back to the Joice Trail. For those who wanted to go up the hill, Ron Horii led a hike up the Joice Trail to the Bernal Hill Loop Trail to view the wildflowers. 

On the Joice Trail at the Norred Trail junction. The Joice Trail starts out steep, then begins to flatten out after it turns a corner.

Looking up the Joice Trail. Most of the lower trail goes by hillsides covered with non-native grasses, with some buttercups, vetch, poppies, and fiddlenecks.

Ron coming up the hill. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

View from higher up on the Joice Trail, with the Norred Trail on the right.

As the Joice Trail turns the corner, the hills become rockier. The thin, rocky, serpentine soil lacks the nutrients needed to support grasses, while native wildflowers can thrive. Here on this section are white popcornflowers, orange poppies, and purple gilia.

Ron pointing out the flowers on the hillside. (Photo by Mike Boulland)

Coming up the Joice Trail, flowers are growing on the rocks on the right and along the trail edges.

Mike Boulland points out the historical sites seen from the trail. Poppies and creamcups line downhill side of the trail.

Ron pointing out flowers by the trail. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

Poppies, creamcups, plantain next to the trail. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

The hillside above the trail was covered with flowers.

Popcornflowers and yellow tidytips on the hill above the trail.

Closeup of tidytips. (Photo from the Federigan Family)

Ron pointing out goldfields by the trail. (Photo by Mike Boulland)

Taking pictures of flowers. (Photo by Mike Boulland)

Ron pointing to the park boundary. (Photo by Mike Boulland)

View of the Santa Teresa Hills and neighborhoods west of the park.

Beyond the junction of the Joice Trail and the Bernal Hill Loop Trail. The lower part of the loop trail runs along a steep, rocky hillside.

View of the flower-covered hillside below the Bernal Hill Loop Trail.

Closeup of poppies and California gilia on the hillside.

Mike Boulland pointing at the hillside covered with pink claytonia.

Closeup of poppies.

Hillside above the trail, covered with tidytips.

The densest wildflowers are on the hill below the lower Bernal Hill Loop Trail. The Joice Trail can be seen below.

Kaiser San Jose Hospital and the Hitachi/IBM plantsite can be seen in the background.

Ron taking pictures of the group at the top of the hill. (Photo by Mike Boulland)

Closeup of poppies and claytonia.

View down the steep hillside at the Joice Trail.

At the turn-around point.

Heading back down the Joice Trail. Goldfields line the trail.

Page created by Ron Horii, 4/11/09