California Trail Day
Santa Teresa Park - 4/26/03



Santa Teresa Park

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On California Trail Day, April 26, 2002, volunteers gathered at Santa Teresa County Park to help restore the Ohlone Trail at the far southeast corner of the park next to the archery range. In the morning, volunteers signed in at the archery range. Mike Boulland of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park brought in water and snacks. Park staff and volunteer trail leaders brought out the tools from the tool trailer and showed how to use them. After dividing up into groups, the trail leads led their groups along the trail. The Ohlone Trail begins near the entrance to the archery range, crosses over the Coyote-Alamitos Canal on a new footbridge, then winds along the hillsides above the golf course. It intersects a park service road, which was the limit for the trail work for the day. After a wet winter and spring, the trail had become overgrown, narrowing down to less than a foot in place. It was badly in need of clearing. Intermittent rains the prior weeks had softened the ground sufficiently so that it was easy to cut through the dirt and clear the sides of the trail. Luckily, it had not rained enough to make the the trail muddy. The day was sunny but cool,  so conditions were ideal. Volunteers of all ages chopped down the weeds and widened the trail. An old trail footbridge was repaired by Boy Scouts. Almost the entire length of the trail segment was able to be cleared before lunch. Around noon, everyone headed back to the picnic area at the archery range. There was a ton of deli sandwiches provided, so everyone had plenty to eat. Trail Day patches were passed out to commemorate a productive and successful trail day.

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