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Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers, Spring 2002

Mine, Fortini, Stile Ranch Wildflowers, 4/11/08

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge Wildflowers, Feb-Apr. '08

Coyote Ridge Wildflowers, 4/13/08

Almaden Quicksilver Wildflowers and Views, Spring 2008, Part 2

Bernal Hill wildflowers and views, Feb-Apr. '08 Part 1, Part 2

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge, Feb-April '08

Mother's Day Walk, Fortini-Stile, 5/4/08

Outdoor Photography Class/Wildflower Walk, Bernal Ranch/Hill 4/4/09

Geocaching Class, Fortini-Mine-Stile Ranch Trail, 4/11/09

Santa Teresa Park

Pre-Mother's Day Walk, May 3, 2009

Fortini-Stile Ranch Trails

A week before Mother's Day, Mike Boulland led a Mother's Day Healthy Trails walk on the Fortini, MIne, and Stile Ranch Trails.  It began at the Fortini-Stile Trailhead at San Vicente Road. Kitty Monahan, Robbie Lamons, and Ron Horii helped with the hike. This  was also an interpretive hike, as we talked about the history of the area, the wildflowers, the geology, and the geography. It had rained the day before, and rain was predicted for this day, but fortunately it stayed dry until the end of the hike.

The sign-ins were at a picnic table at the start of the Stile Ranch Trail. This is a view from the Stile Ranch Trail.

Mike greeting visitors by the new mapboard at the trail entrance.

Dot Wilson helped with the sign-ins.

Mike giving an introductory talk at the trailhead.

The group starts off on the Fortini Trail. Mike is pointing out the wildflowers.


Shari Sullivan, portraying Zacharias Berryessa, wife of one of the original owners of the land in this area, talks about Mrs. Berryessa's life and the hardships and tragedies faced by the Berryessa family in the 19th century.

Most beautiful jewelflowers were plentiful along the trails.

Mariposa lilies were out in large numbers.

Near the end of Fortini Road.

Mike, underneath a big manzanita tree, talks about the Fortini Family and Club 14-E.

Bee plant.

Poppies and ithuriel's spears.

At the creek crossing.

Seep spring monkeyflowers along the creek.

The group resting under the shade of oaks and laurels along the creek.

Passing by the rock wall, covered with dudleyas.

Nearing the Mine-Fortini Trail junction.

At the Mine-Fortini Trail junction.

Heading up the Mine Trail.


Morning glory

Heading up the Stile Ranch Trail just past the Mine Trail junction.

Crossing over the creek in the first valley.

Patch of lupines on the hillside.

Yellow owl's clover

Heading up the hill on the west side of the first valley.

Owl's clover

At the top of the hill by the big lichen-covered boulder, looking at the rest of the park.

Mike pointing out the sights above the second valley.

Heading down the second valley.

View from the west side of the valley.

At the high point of the Stile Ranch Trail.

Heading down the trail, along the rock wall.

Heading down the west side of the Stile Ranch Trail, overlooking Fortini Road (left) and McKean Road (center).

Heading through the rock wall towards the west switchbacks.

Poppies along the west switchbacks. It started raining at this point.

At the end of the hike, the mothers got to take home a small bouquet of flowers, made by Robbie Lamons.

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