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Outdoor Photography Class and Hike, Mummy Mountain Trail, Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear County Park, 5/4/13

On May 4, 2013, docent Ron Horii gave an outdoor photography class at the Mendoza Ranch Staging Area at Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch County Park in Gilroy. He was assisted by Mike Boulland and son Chris Horii. Chris took many of the pictures below (indicated by "CH"). Ron's pictures are indicated by "RH." See the links on the left for more information on outdoor photography and pictures of previous classes. Ron has been giving outdoor photography classes for several years. Fall classes usually involve a Powerpoint slideshow in the Bernal Ranch Barn at Santa Teresa Park, followed by a short outdoor walk. Spring classes involve a shorter talk and a hike. This was Ron's third class on the Mummy Mountain Trail. It is one of the most scenic trails in the park, with a wide variety of terrain, panoramic views on both sides of the ridge, wildflowers, and interesting sights along the trail.

Ron gave his talk in the parking lot of the Mendoza Staging area. CH

Ron shows some pictures from his Powerpoint slideshow. CH

This is the class listening to Ron's talk. The parking lot was nearly full because another hike with 50-60 people had started earlier. CH

Ron shows more pictures. The hills in the background are part of Mummy Mountain. CH

The class is about to start the hike. Ron points out the route on the mapboard. CH

The hike begins on the Mendoza Trail. CH

There aren't many wildflowers left on these hills, but there are grass, trees, and birds to photograph. CH

Ron talks about using converging lines to lead the eye into a picture and provide a sense of depth, using the fence as an example. CH

Ron points out the start of the Coyote Ridge Trail, which is also the start of the southeastern leg of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. CH

The class heads to a grove of ancient coast live oak trees. CH

In the shade of the oak grove, Ron talks about the difficulties of capturing the full range of light in a scene, called the dynamic range. A forest with deep shade and dappled sunlight, like this grove, presents particular challenges. CH

Ron talks about techniques to deal with scenes with high dynamic range, using HDR techniques. CH

These thistles were among the few wildflowers blooming in the field, but they are invasive non-natives. CH

The Mendoza Trail climbs up, approaching the trailheads for the Rancho La Polka and Mummy Mountain Trails. CH

The class stops to rest and take in the view at the junction of the Mendoza and Mummy Mountain Trails. CH

The Mummy Mountain Trailhead has a nice view of Gilroy and is a good photo op. The ridge is called Mummy Mountain because its profile resembles a reclining mummy. We are near the mummy's feet. CH

We pass through a shady area, go under an oak tree arching over the trail and approach the wooden trail bridge. The tree can be used to "frame the scene." CH

The trail bridge provides lines and patterns and contrast between natural and artificial elements. RH

We continue to hike through a forest of bay laurel trees. CH

This towering sandstone cliff, pocked with tiny caves, and covered with lichen and cliff plants, provides for some interesting photo ops. CH

A closer view of the sandstone cliff. CH

Large, rough-textured sandstone boulders line the trail after the cliff. CH

There's a picnic table at the edge of a meadow, which provides a shady rest stop. CH

The group stops for a rest at the edge of the meadow. CH

The trail crosses along a hillside, with views of the trailhead. CH

There are lots of these ithuriel's spears along the trail. CH

The class begins the switchback climb up to the top of the ridge. CH

This is a view back at the class coming up the hill. The climb to the ridgetop is gradual and shady. RH

Along the hillside we spot some bright red Indian paintbrush. CH

This is a closeup of the Indian paintbrush. CH

The trail continues to climb through a shady forest. CH

On the hillside above the trail are some big-scale balsamroot sunflowers. They are a bit past their prime and are not showy, but they are a rare species. They are also found in other parts of the park, like on the Ed Willson Trail. RH

Finally, the group reaches the top of the mummy's stomach. The ridgetop has clear views to the west towards Gilroy. CH

The class hikes up the ridge and passes through a tunnel made by overhanging oak trees. CH

The class sees a patch of mariposa lilies and stops to take pictures. CH

Closeup of a mariposa lily. CH

This area provides views of Coyote Lake, rock formations, and a huge ancient bay laurel tree. CH

Turkey buzzards soar nearby on wind currents coming off the ridge. CH

Close to the summit of the trail is a viewpoint next to a steep cliff. It provides views of most of Coyote Lake. RH

This is a good spot for taking pictures. RH

Another spot provides a clear view of the lake. CH

This is the view of Coyote Lake and dam. CH

The trail descends a hand-cut stone staircase. CH

Most of the class waits at the bottom of the stairs for the rest of the class to come down, using them as models. CH

This is a prime photo op, looking back up the stone staircase. Here comes the rest of the class, led by Chris Horii. RH

Finally, the view opens up so we can see south towards Morgan Hill, the Coyote Valley, and the rest of the park. RH

There's a bee on a woodland mint. CH

The trail goes down a short, steep section, with a nice view of the marsh area at the upper end of Coyote Lake. RH

We're on the mummy's neck, approaching its head, with great views of Morgan Hill. RH

We're on the east side of the mummy's head, with views of Coyote Lake. RH

Looking down, we can see the Coyote Ridge Trail, which is the way back. RH

Here's a closeup view of a wild onion. RH

The hillside here is rocky and steep. It's the best place for wildflowers on the trail. The wildflowers peaked a few weeks ago, but there are still plenty to see. CH

The buckeye trees, like one, are in bloom. CH

The rocky trail switches back to descend the steep hillside. CH

We are heading down the top of the mummy's head. RH

Finally, we reach the junction of the Mummy Mountain and Mendoza Trails. The Gaviota Trail is in the background. The Coyote Ridge Trail is off to the right. There are many trail options here, including going to the campground, but the group opts for the shortest and easiest way back, which is the Coyote Ridge Trail. CH

This is the Coyote Ridge Trail, which is mostly flat. There are trees along the way to provide shade, if needed. RH

This large boulder is near the end of the Coyote Ridge Trail. RH

At the end of the hike, this is a view looking back towards the end of the Coyote Ridge Trail with Mummy Mountain in the background. RH

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