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Uvas Canyon Healthy Trails Hike, 2/21/09

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Uvas Canyon County Park

Family, Friends, and Sweethearts Hike, Feb. 13, 2010

On February 13, 2010, the day before Valentine's Day, County Park docents led a hike up the scenic and romantic Waterfall Loop Trail at Uvas Canyon County Park.

Above from the left are docents Kitty Monahan, John Nast, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator Carrie Grisenti, docents Mike Boulland and Ron Horii. Also helping out were Chris Horii, Sam and Elaine Drake, and Robbie Lamons.

Carrie Grisenti signs in the guests and hands out Valentine's candy.

Carrie greets the guests and talks about the Healthy Trails program.

Ron talks about the waterfalls and the trails in the park.

The group heads out through the picnic area.

Mike leads the group to the Swanson Creek Trail. Mike was accompanied by Elaine Drake and Ron and Chris Horii.

The group follows the trail along Swanson Creek.

Mike talks to the group along the creek.

Crossing over the bridge below Granuja Falls.

Crossing over the wide creek bridge. Above it is an old small dam, used as a water source for early settlers.

On the other side of the bridge, Mike points out the trees on the cliff bank.

Seasonal waterfall on the other side of the creek.

Falling trees broke this bridge, so the Waterfall Loop can't be taken as a loop on the far side of the creek.

Ladybugs cluster on branches and leaves.

The trail runs high above the creek on this side.

Mike points out the plants along the embankment.

We stopped by a fern-covered hillside to take pictures. (Contact Ron Horii for copies of the closeup pictures, see link on the left.)

The group stopped at the bridge below Lower Black Rock Falls to take pictures.

Mike taking pictures.

At the bridge, a second group, with Sam, Kitty, and John, joined up with the first group.

The bridge below leads to the other side of the creek, but because of the broken bridge downstream, it is an out-and-back trip.

Stopping at the Myrtle Flats rest area, a flat spot that was the site of an early settler's cabin.

Crossing the bridge before Upper Falls.

Upper Falls.

Basin Falls.

Taking pictures at Basin Falls. (Contact Ron Horii for closeup copies of the posed pictures, see link on the left.) This was the end of the group hike. People went off on their own.

Ron led a small group along the trail to Upper Black Rock Falls. Looking down from the trail is the above view of Lower Black Rock Falls and the bridge.

Upper Black Rock Falls (HDR picture, see link on left)

Ron and Chris went with some friends to the lower end of the Swanson Creek Trail to its confluence with Uvas Creek.

Swanson Creek above the waterfall near the confluence with Uvas Creek (HDR picture).

Lower Falls on Swanson Creek before the confluence with Uvas Creek (HDR picture). See the links on the left for more pictures of Uvas Canyon and the waterfalls.

Pictures by Ron Horii and Chris Horii
Page created by Ron Horii, volunteer County Parks photographer, 2/15/10