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The Friends of Santa Teresa Park's 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Santa Teresa Branch Library

March 24, 2012

On March 24, 2012, the Friends of Santa Teresa Park (FOSTP) celebrated their 20th anniversary. Members of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park, Mike Boulland and Maureen Kluska, worked with library Branch Manager Ruth Barefoot and library staff members to organize the celebration at the Santa Teresa Library. The Friends of Santa Teresa Park has been the main volunteer group supporting Santa Teresa Park, working on park projects and acting as an ombudsman between the community and the County Parks Department. Here are pictures from the celebration.

Sam and Elaine Drake greet visitors at the welcome tables.

This is one of the tables, with information about the Bay Area Ridge Trail and geocaching. The albums have pictures of past FOSTP activities.

On the information table is the giant cookie celebrating FOSTP's anniversary, FOSTP pictures, park maps and brochures, and artifacts.

In the Community Room, Ron Horii's pictures of Santa Teresa Park are on the back wall. Lore Osaki-Horii prepares cookies, while Dorene Boulland mixes lemonade for guests.

Along the back wall, County Park Ranger Carolyn Tucker looks at Ron Horii's pictures of Santa Teresa Park.

FOSTP Vice President Kitty Monahan looks at posters prepared by Mike Boulland on the past, present, and future of FOSTP.

Dorene Boulland prepares the wildflower crafts table.

At the County Parks' table, Ranger Carolyn Tucker shows animal pelts, skulls, and tracks.

The County Parks table also has park maps and information on park activities.

Paul Bernal could not come, but he loaned his costumes, so kids could get dressed up as Spanish soldiers.

FOSTP President Mike Boulland shows a model of Rancho Santa Teresa to a visitor. On the table are FOSTP newsletters and a calendar of upcoming park events.

Ed Jackson helps young visitor get dressed up in a Spanish soldier's uniform.

Ed Jackson talks about past events in Santa Teresa Park.

Playing on the tables are slideshows of past FOSTP activities and Santa Teresa Park events.

In the Children's Area, Shari Sullivan (seated), with Maureen Kluska (center, standing), setup a crafts table for making god's eyes out of popsicle sticks and yarn.

The Tenor Dance Band provides entertainment.

An audience gathers to listen to the Tenor Band.

Councilmenber Ash Kalra, Mike Boulland, Supervising Park Ranger Eric Goodrich, and Kitty Monahan with a giant cookie celebrating FOSTP's 20th Anniversary.

Councilmenber Ash Kalra talks to the library visitors and congratulates FOSTP on their anniversary.

Mike Boulland talks about the history of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park.

A large crowd gathers to hear the talks and get some cookies.

Mike Boulland prepares the anniversary cookie for cutting.

Cutting the anniversary cookie.

Library manager Ruth Barefoot (left) prepares shopping bags provided by Ash Kalra for distribution.

Jorge (left) and Debra Porras, representing Boy Scout Troop 227, have a table in the Community Room on scout activities and projects. The scouts have worked on several projects in Santa Teresa Park.

Kids work on wildflower crafts.

Dot Wilson, Dorene Boulland, and Maureen Kluska work on the wildflower tables. In the background is a slideshow on the Friends of Santa Teresa Park, made by Mike Boulland. Ron Horii also showed a slideshow on Santa Teresa Park.

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