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Park Photography Show by Ron Horii at the Santa Teresa Library

September, 2011

In September 2011, Ron Horii setup a display on local park photography in the Community Room of the Santa Teresa Branch Library. He had help from Mike Boulland, Chris Horii, and Lore Osaki-Horii. Ron is a docent and volunteer photographer for the Santa Clara County Parks. He has also contributed pictures to the San Francisco Bay Trail Project, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District, and San Jose Parks.

The Santa Teresa Library is at 290 International Circle, San Jose, next to Kaiser San Jose Hospital. The library is open Wed 11-8, Thu-Sat 10-6. The Community Room is not normally open except for events. Check the library calendar for events. The Friends of the Santa Teresa Library will be having a book sale in the Community Room from 10 am to 4 pm, which will be a good time to see the pictures, as well as purchasing books. Sales benefit programs at the library.

These are high dynamic range pictures of Santa Teresa Park. See the link on the upper left for the actual captions. See the photo class/galleries links on the left for these and more pictures. These pictures were printed on photo paper (Fuji Crystal Archive) at a photo lab. The pictures on the posterboards were printed on plain paper with a color laser printer.

From left to right, top to bottom, these pictures show views looking down the Mine Trail towards the Almaden Valley, looking up the Joice Trail towards Bernal Hill,  the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch barns, and the Hidden Springs Trail leading up towards Coyote Peak.

These pictures show the view from Coyote Peak looking down the Santa Teresa Hills, Coyote Peak from Bernal Road, a double rainbow over the Santa Teresa Golf Course from the Ridge Trail, and a view of downtown San Jose from the Hidden Springs Trail.

These pictures show a view from the Hidden Springs Trail overlooking the Santa Teresa Golf Course and sunset from the Norred Trail. 

These are posters with pictures of Almaden Quicksilver County Park and several other Santa Clara County Parks.

On the left are flyers describing the Santa Teresa pictures, the pictures in general, and the high dynamic-range imaging process. Next to it is a flyer for Ron's outdoor photography class on Oct. 1, 2011 at 10:00 am at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch at Santa Teresa Park. Below that is the newsletter for the Friends of Santa Teresa Park, for which Ron is the secretary and newsletter editor. To the right of that is a description of the Almaden Quicksilver poster and about Ron. (See the link on the upper left for the text of these flyers and poster descriptions.) The Almaden Quicksilver poster shows the Guadalupe Trail, the Hanging Tree and the Mine Hill Rotary Furnace, the Casa Grande, Almaden Reservoir from the Hidalgo Cemetery Trail, a view of the Almaden Valley from the end of the Catherine Tunnel Trail, and the San Cristobal Mine tunnel.

These are posters with pictures of several County Parks. The left poster shows pictures from Hellyer, Ed Levin, Villa Montalvo, Vasona, Coyote Lake, and Sanborn. The right poster shows Chitactac-Adams, Grant, Los Gatos Creek Park, Penitencia Creek Gardens, Rancho San Vicente, and Uvas Canyon.

Posters of Bayland Parks, Open Space Preserves, and San Jose Parks.

This poster on the Baylands shows the Moffett Field Bay Trail, Alviso Marina County Park, the Alviso Environmental Education Center, boats at Shoreline Lake, birds in a slough at Shoreline at Mountain View Park, and the pole field at Byxbee Park in Palo Alto.

This poster on Open Space Preserves shows Blair Ranch, Kirby Canyon at Coyote Ridge, Boccardo Hill view at Sierra Vista OSP, Rancho Canada Del Oro OSP, the top of Coyote Ridge, and the Woods Trail at Sierra Azul OSP.

This poster on San Jose Parks has pictures of Almaden Lake, Edenvale Gardens Park and the Hayes Mansion, the Albertson Parkway, view from La Colina Park, Fontana Park, and Montgomery Hill Park.

Thanks to the Santa Teresa Branch Library and manager Ruth Barefoot, Mike Boulland, Maureen Kluska, Chris Horii, and Lore Osaki-Horii.

Page created by Ron Horii, 9/8/11