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Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers, Spring 2002

Mine, Fortini, Stile Ranch Wildflowers, 4/11/08

Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge Wildflowers, Feb-Apr. '08

Coyote Ridge Wildflowers, 4/13/08

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Santa Teresa Park Wildflowers and Views

Bernal Ranch and Bernal Hill Trails, Part 1

February-April 2008

The pictures below were taken from February to April 2008 of the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, Santa Teresa Spring, the Norred, Joice, Bernal Hill Loop, and Vista Loop Trails. The pictures are roughly in order of altitude.

Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch 3/13/08

Daffodils at the ranch entrance, 2/10/08

Lilacs (ceanothus) by the old barn, 4/11/08

Mustard in the field in front of Santa Teresa Spring 3/28/08

Mustard in the field below Santa Teresa Spring, 3/28/08

Wild cucumber fruit (poisonous) near the Joice Trail

Fiddlenecks and old farm equipment by the Joice Trail, 3/23/08

California buttercups by the lower Joice Trail, 3/14/08

Miniature lupines by the Joice Trail, 4/21/08

Looking up the Joice Trail, 4/6/08

Turkeys by the Joice Trail, 3/28/08

Vetch by the Joice Trail, 4/24/08

Red poppy on the Norred Trail, 4/24/08

View from the Norred Trail, looking west towards the Joice Trail, 3/27/08

Fiddlenecks and redmaids below the Norred Trail, 3/27/08

View from the Norred Trail 3/13/08

Rose clover by the Norred Trail, 4/6/08

Fiddlenecks by the Joice Trail, 4/6/08

Closeup of fiddleneck, 4/24/08

Dwarf plantain (preferred food of the bay checkerspot butterfly larvae) by the Joice Trail, 4/21/08

The Joice Trail, 4/6/08

Bluedicks, 4/24/08

Buckeye butterfly on popcornflowers, 4/24/08

California gilia, 4/11/08

Closeup of popcornflowers, 4/11/08

View of the Norred Trail and Santa Teresa Spring from the Joice Trail 3/23/08

Dudleya below the Joice Trail, 4/11/08

Dudleya on the rocks above the Joice Trail, 4/21/08

Creamcups, poppies, and redmaids, 4/11/08

Poppies and creamcups 4/3/08

Tidytips, ithuriel's spears, and dwarf plantain (lower left) on the hill above the trail, 4/24/08

Ithuriel's spears, 4/11/08

Yarrow, 4/11/08

Tidytips, 4/11/08

Serrated onion closeup, 4/11/08

Poppies, fiddlenecks, and creamcups, view northwest, 4/3/08

Spring gold (lomatium), 4/6/08

Looking down the Joice Trail, 4/3/08

Goldfields on the Joice Trail 4/6/08

  Checker mallow, 4/24/08

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