Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 8/9/01

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Dorothy Wuss, Kitty Monahan, Rick Leonard, Mario Blaum, Ken Silveira (park ranger)
  • New meeting day: the first Thursday of the month instead of the second, same place and time.
  • Ranger report (Ken):
    • Ken's office is at Hellyer Park.
    • There is a caretaker living in the caretaker's house at the Joice Bernal Ranch. Her name is Lydia. She was on park maintenance for Hellyer. 
    • There will be a site host living in a mobile home at the Buck Norred Ranchsite.
    • Discussion on vandalism at Buck Norred's: Ken related how difficult it is to protect such property from vandalism. Mike suggested putting up signs that these are historical buildings. What is the penalty for vandalism? Ron suggested putting up a sign offering a reward for reporting vandalism.
    • Jerry Anderson will be alternating with Ken, attending FOSTP meetings. He is a maintenance supervisor in charge of the parks from Hellyer south. He took over Dave Ellis' position. 
    • There are 2 maintenance supervisors (Rich Flores handles the northern parks). There will be 3 eventually.
    • Ken sent out a request for projects to Robin Schaut, Mark Fredericks, and Jim O'Connor asking for suggestions on 2-4 hour, full-day, and Eagle Scout projects. He got some replies. Mark gave him a list. Mark would contact Chris Orr to get resources for projects. One suggestion Mark had was to install battens on the new barn at the Joice Bernal Ranch. This would be an Eagle Scout project.
    • The rangers who patrol Santa Teresa Park come out of Hellyer Park. They walk around the park.
    • Chris Orr is still in charge of maintenance at Santa Teresa.
    • The Culvert on the Mine Trail has been repaired.
    • The map dispenser needs to be put up. It may be put up at the entrance to the park at Heaton Moore and Bernal. 
    • Park and trail signs have been purchased. They need to be put up.
  • Letter from Robin Schaut on the Joice Bernal Ranch:
    • Started acquiring furniture for the house (thanks to Mike and Damien).
    • She will meet with Melissa from History San Jose at the end of the month to look at furniture in the Stockton St. warehouse. If they find something they like, she will tag it and arrange for it to be moved in.
    • Richard, the Platypus (company working on the interpretive signs) consultant, is supposed to meet with Robin. He is preparing a sign plan for her to review. Once the plan and the budget have been approved, they will start the final design and fabrication of the signs. Estimated completion: end of October.
    • No date set for dedication of the ranch, but it has been pushed back to Spring '02. Tamara is supposed to pick a date and tell Robin.
    • The new resident caretaker has moved in.
  • Mike:
    • The parks department has given $1500 for the dedication of Joice Bernal Ranch.
    • Mike found 2 old tractors, circa 1910. Robin wants a tractor in the barn. She needs to contact the owners if she wants them.
    • Mike found some equipment above the Joice Bernal Ranch. He found a metal cart. He put it in the house.
    • Our account balance is $1224.33.
    • UNSCC - got 5013C info. (making FOSTP a charity). Mike will look at Almaden's paperwork.
  • Calendar:
    • We'll be having a potluck picnic on Friday 8/17 at 5:30 at the Pueblo area, followed by a hike.
    • 9/21 - will paint the Buck Norred Ranch at 2:30 on Friday. It will be an Earth Core and community activity.
    • 9/22 - Santa Teresa Community Fair. This will be an all-day fun event. There will be an FOSTP booth. It will be at the new park on Santa Teresa and Miyuki Drive. Mike needs help. He will be handing out info. Posters would be useful.
    • 10/19 - Clean up the Ohlone Trail.
  • Volunteer hours:
    • Ron Horii: 10
    • Mario Blaum: 9
    • Kitty Monahan: 2
    • Dorothy Wuss: 3
    • Mike Boulland: 15
    • Rick Leonard: 4
  • Trail watch:
    • Mario: there is a new entrance on the fence just below Santa Teresa Springs. The neighbors were upset when it went in because they weren't informed.
    • Ron: see below:
  • Web page: Ron . Many of the pictures shown at the last meeting are on a new slideshow Web page. ( They show some of the conditions in the park:
    • Graffiti and vandalism at the Buck Norred Ranch.
    • The removal of the screws on the fence at the springs.
    • The erosion at the outlet of the springs.
    • The corral at the Pueblo area.
    • The damaged culvert on the Mine Trail.
    • The deep ruts in the Coyote Peak Trail.
    • The vandalized fence posts at the top of Coyote Peak. 
    • There are also some good things, like the condition of the Joice Bernal Ranch and the Girl Scouts painting the fence there.
  • Mike wants to spend money to buy a gift for Jim McGrath to thank him for letting us use the banquet room.
  • Suggestions on a class for GATE students: we can take them for a walk through the park on a Saturday, maybe an astronomy hike.
  • Kitty was interviewed on Bay Area Backroads in their story on Almaden Quicksilver.
Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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Created 7/18/2001 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park