Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 8/2/12


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Ron Horii
  • We have 222 volunteer hours for the year.
  • We need to pay the Post Office box cost. We pay $44, which we split 50:50 with FOLAW. Our bank balance is $274. After $25 expenses, we'll have $249 left. We have $519 in in-kind gifts.
  • Fandango went well. Julie Lee and Jan Shriner sent thank you notes to us.
  • Roxanne Koopman of Bernal School wants to see district cross-country races at Santa Teresa, which would include Bernal, Davis, and Herman. Mike is trying to get the site fees and parking fees reduced. He's working with Ranger Aniko Millan to setup something this year. Aniko will be the lead on this. Mike will be meeting with her to plan this. Mike asked the Parks & Rec. Board for help. They asked Park staff to help. Mike talked to Parks Director Rob Courtney about reducing the parking fees. The cross-country route starts at the Meadow in the Pueblo Area, goes up the Mine Trail, around Trench Hill, and back on the Pueblo Trail. Coaches will need special permission to use Trench Hill to watch the racers, as it's now a restricted area. The site fee is normally $500. There's a form that needs to be filled out. Beeny Sanders is helping. Mike wants to get the parking fees waived for the meets. The fees can be made up because the kids will come up to the park to practice and will be paying parking fees then.
  • On the Coyote Peak sign: Mike sent a letter to the Muwekmas, who responded back. They will be putting a statement on the sign in the Muwekma language.
  • We finished CAP Grant Cycle 25. There was $3.96 that we did not spend, so we're giving it back.
  • We applied for CAP Grant Cycle 26. We asked for $400 this time, omitting the event insurance. We got the $400, which pays for the UNSCC fees, website fees, and newsletter expenses.
  • September 8 is the Jump-In Parade in New Almaden.
  • September 15 is Coastal Clean-Up Day at various places.
  • Ron showed pictures of the new visitor's center at Anderson, the preparations at the ranch for Fandango, dry vegetation, the Norred Trail, the Norred Ranch, the Pyzak Ranch, the Coyote-Alamitos Canal, 4H gardens, the restored barn, Santa Teresa Spring, big fish in the pond, clearing of the field in the front of the pond.
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    Created 8/21/12  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park