Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 5/10/01

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Dorothy Wuss, Ken Silvera, Holly Davis, Rick Leonard, Mario Blaum, Steve Crockett.
  • Kids have been camping in the canal by the archery range and building fires.
  • There is litter around the Norred Ranch.
  • Kids have been breaking into the barn at the Joice Bernal Rancho. They grafitti'd the barn and removed the latch. They left the water running.
  • Rangers detained 15 kids at Santa Teresa Springs. The light is always on at night. Kids are up there drinking, but they don't make a lot of noise.
  • Ken Silvera:
    • Jim O'Connor is managing parks maintenance.
    • Maintenance for Santa Teresa Park is being handled by Calero for now.
    • Security is being handled by both Calero and Hellyer. Calero opens and closes.
    • The park gets sheriff coverage on both sides. They work Countryview Drive often.
    • The Mounted Unit will be going to the Norred Ranch site. There is a plan for the new barn. Bill Barnhardt is the planner. The plan has been approved. Mike asked if we could see the plan. Ken said he'd try to bring it to the next meeting.
    • The $300K in insurance money from the fire at the Norred Ranch will be coming back to fund the mounted patrol.
    • There will be 4 people working varying shifts on the mounted patrol.
    • The rangers at Hellyer Park work with the San Jose Police Department photographing grafitti. 
    • Buck Norred's has been tagged in back.
    • On June 1, the Joice Bernal Ranch will get a caretaker, who will be a maintenance person.
  • Holly Davis reported that there was a metal drainage pipe exposed and ripped, with water running over the top. The drain pipe appears to be plugged. It's past the end of the parking lot, by the old wire corral with the cattle crossing.
  • The construction trailer has been moved from the Joice Bernal Ranch construction site. The county wants someone in the caretaker's house as soon as possible.
  • Ron Horii reported that the springs appears to be lower because of erosion at the opening. Hazen mentioned it before. Kids opened up the outlet, lowering the opening.
  • Volunteer hours:
    • Rick Leonard: 3 hours
    • Mario Blaum: 36 hours (3 hrs/week for 3 months)
    • Steve Crockett: 2 hours
    • Holly Davis: 24 hours (3 hrs/week for 2 months)
    • Dorothy Wuss: 2 hours
    • Mike Boulland: 20 hours
    • Ron Horii: 30 hours (including Almaden Quicksilver Website).
  • Mike talked about the calendar. 
    • The principal at Baldwin School has abour $10K available for Earth Corps activities. They have trail-building equipment stored at Bernal School. They can use the money for food and parties for volunteers on work days.
    • The Buck Norred Ranch could use volunteer work, but we need to see the plan for the ranch before working on it. We need volunteer manpower. We have paint. We need a date. The county may put a chain link fence around the buildings. They will put in a new barn. There may be a split rail fence around the barn. Holly will plan for a paint day to paint the buildings at Buck Norred's before the fence goes up.
    • John Heenan wants us to help finish painting the fence around Joice Bernal. It's not finished.
  • Ron talked about the FOSTP Web page. The pictures from the awards dinner is on it, as well as new pictures of the ranch construction. He also finished a Website on Almaden Quicksilver. He showed pictures taken at Chictactac Adams County Park that may go on a future Webpage.
  • Steve is starting a hiker's group.
  • There is a group of about 40 Sierra Club seniors who hike through the park once a month.
  • We talked about the parking fees again. We still would like to know how much is collected by the parking ticket machines. The machines cost $60K. Santa Teresa Park generates the most money for the parks because of the TV tower and golf course. We question the need for the parking machines at the park.
  • Money is in the budget for signage.
  • More map boxes are needed. The one at the old sign by the Pueblo area restrooms is gone because the sign was torn down. Mike said maps are needed near the entrances. He told how the police could not find their way around the park while looking for a missing child. 
  • The Laurel Springs Picnic Area needs a trash can.
  • Poison Oak has grown over the bicycle lane on Bernal Road. IBM has a maintenance contract to maintain the road.
  • Next month, Robin Schaut will have information on displays and signage at the Joice Bernal Rancho. Displays will talk about the story of water.
  • Mike may do a project with KTEH on an ad for a teacher conference, talking about the legend of Santa Teresa.
Ronald Horii,
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park

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Created 5/13/2001 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park