Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 4/5/12


  • Attendees: Regular members Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Kitty Monahan, Mike Boulland, Woody Collins, Ronald Horii.
  • New: Greg and Roxanne. They are interested in cross-country.
  • Volunteer hours: 110 total last month (FOSTP only). YTD: 188.18
  • If you have 50 volunteer hours, you get invited to the Volunteers Recognition Dinner. The dinner is on 4/24 at 6:00 pm at the Drying Shed in East San Jose. Bring your invitation card. If you get awarded a free parking pass, you need to send the application in to receive it.
  • Ron showed pictures of the barn reconstruction and our 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Santa Teresa Library. He also showed pictures of the Norred Trail, Bernal Hill, Santa Teresa Spring, the Bernal Ranch, and the Pueblo Area.
  • Last month's minutes were approved.
  • The County Parks website does not list actual trail closures when they are closed short-term after rains.
  • We have $274.95 in the bank. Gifts in-kind amount to ~$125 for popcorn, cookies, paper cups, ink, etc. for our anniversary celebration at the library.
  • The CAP Grant may be reinstated, but the funds will be late.
  • The Coyote Peak sign is on hold for better weather for taking pictures. Mike's friend has a high-resolution camera. He is still waiting to hear back from the Muwekmas on a statement from them for the sign.
  • On our 20th Anniversary celebration at the library: Maureen planned it. Kitty, Mario, Sam, Elaine, Dot, Dorene, Ed, Ron, and Mike were there. Mike slowed a slideshow of FOSTP's history.
  • Report on the Park's Commission meeting:
    • Roland complained about the canal. The chairman directed that a letter be written in response.
    • They discussed the Parks Charter Fund, amending it to help urban areas, partnering with city parks to provide parks to residents in unincorporated urban areas. There is one near Alum Rock Park and another in the Burbank area.
    • The director of the SCCOSA talked about partnering. They have a 20% funding allocation for cities.
    • The Parks Charter Fund can be amended by the Board of Supervisors.
    • They approved $700K for trail and street improvements in 2013 at the Pyzak Ranch.
  • July 28: Fandango. We need to plan for it. We'll have a booth. If we don't do bricks, we can have our tables in front of the barn.
  • May 19 is the Bay Area Ridge Trail event. It starts at Santa Teresa. There are 3 events: a family hike in Santa Teresa, including a geocaching activity run by REI at the Pueblo Area, a mining hike in Quicksilver, where people will be bused to Hicks Road and they hike or ride back by bike or horse, and an extreme hike/ride starting from Lexington. Lunch will be provided. They are looking for volunteers to help sweep and serve lunch. Buses will take hikers and bikes. There will be about 25 horsemen, who will provide their own transportation.
  • Sam is having a geocaching class in June.
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    Created 4/29/12  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park