Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 3/6/03

  • Meeting attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Dorothy Wuss, Ken Silveira, Mario Blaum, Holly Davis, Rick Leonard, Kitty Monahan, Judyth Hieb, Lynne Paulson, John Klimaszewski. 
  • Trails:
    • The Rocky Ridge Trail is closed. The sign says it is due to storm damage. Ken will look into the trail closure and what it takes to re-open it. Can volunteers help?
    • The trails are too wet to use a grader. They have been grading at Almaden Quicksilver and finished yesterday.
    • We need someone to be a trail crew leader. It can be done when we adopt a trail. We need to have a rep that is trained to do trails. We want to adopt a trail. We can work through a trail crew lead. The person would be a liaison to doing trail work. Training starts Saturday and runs for 3 Saturdays. Leads will be trained how to maintain trails. The trail lead can lead a trail work group, which has 8-10 people. We need a liaison to the trail lead. Steve Crockett is being trained.
    • The Buck Norred service road to the right of the entrance is closed. There is a volunteer foot trail on the other side of the canal leading to BGJ. Looking at putting trail in.
    • California Trail Day is Saturday April 26 at possibly 3 sites.
    • The Joice Trail is muddy. People have been walking around the muddy section. There is a lot of pig damage on the upper part of the trail. The pigs are having their young and can be more aggressive.
  • There is a new volunteer coordinator: Beeny Sander. (Email:
  • Activities:
    • There will be a wash day at the BGJ Ranch this Saturday from 12-6. [Note, see new Webpage]
    • There will be star hike on Saturday April 5. John Dorrance will publicize it.
    • March 29: wildflower hike.
  • Judyth is an anthropology major at SJSU. She's interested in Indians. Mike wants to put up Indian displays in the park. 
  • John and Lynne are from the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association, which is interested in preserving the Santa Teresa Hills and opening up the Coyote-Alamitos Canal Trail. They live near the canal.
  • Mike gave a letter to Eric Goodrich to take to Chris Crockett about renewing our park use permit. It needs to be renewed yearly. It covers us for activities on park property. 
  • We can to have a dedication of Buck Norred's - Tamara handles that. We can have a BBQ, dedications by the department, tours of  the facility, and horse demos.
  • They are enlarging the Muriel Wright Center to 150 beds. It is for youths 18 and under. It is co-ed.
  • Calero Maintenance unit is handling 3 parks, including Santa Teresa. The parks department will not fill up vacancies in maintenance. They will ask volunteer groups to help. Volunteers can do weed-whacking and picking up litter.
  • Hours (last 2 months):
    • Mario Blaum:10
    • Judyth: 10
    • Holly Davis: 20
    • Kitty Monahan: 3
    • Ronald Horii: 10
    • Dorothy Wuss: 3
    • Mike Boulland: 9
    • Rick Leonard: 10.
    • John: 2
    • Lynne Paulson: 2
  • Dorothy is giving a talk at the Berryessa Community Center next week.
  • Holly (treasurer's report and 4H):
    • Account balance: $854.80.
    • 4H was asked to Want to do 4H event. Holly will volunteer horse. All 4H's would set up demo area.
  • We should check out Pyzak's for artifacts that can be saved. Rick can go in there if he wears his park badge. 
  • The county doesn't have a depository for historical artifacts. We need someplace to store them. We may be able to use the basement of Pyzak's house.
  • We renominated and re-elected the board.
  • Ron Horii showed a slideshow of pictures of the park.
Ronald Horii, 
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park 

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Created 3/31/2003 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park