Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 2/02/12

  • Attendees: Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Mario Blaum, Maureen Kluska, Kitty Monahan, Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii.
  • Maureen passed out the summary of volunteer hours for the year.
  • Volunteer awards are calculated for the year. 50 hours earns a parking pass.
  • We have $474.95 in the bank in December. We found that our $200 UNSCC membership fee didn't go through. It was late. Mike talked to Ken Podgorsek, who said it was OK to send in our fee now. Mike will send the fee. After the check clears, we will have $274.95 left.
  • Gloria Gill said she could help us get us volunteer help from the VCC if we need it for our anniversary event.
  • Volunteer of the year nominations are due.
  • Mike talked to John Dorrance. He reported the following:
    • The barn reconstruction got stalled over construction details. Paint priming was a snag.
    • John said 2 trees by the chicken coop were cut down. They were determined to be sick.
    • There is a proposal to move the chicken coop away from the Caretakers' House.
    • John can't work overtime, so there may be less interpretive programs.
    • 4 people got cited by a ranger for walking their dogs on the canal.
    • John doesn't like it when people walk their dogs through his interpretive programs.
  • A maintenance person will transfer from Calero to Hellyer. Maintenance for Santa Teresa will be handled by Hellyer. Santa Teresa is covered by the Hellyer rangers, so the rangers and Maintenance will both be out of Hellyer.
  • Mike submitted the mid-year CAP Grant report.
  • Mike requested moving CAP Grant money from event insurance to newsletter expenses for the anniversary bash.
  • Mike and Kitty went to the County Parks Commission meeting. The new parks director eliminated all projects from the Capital Improvement Plan for 2012-13 except for 4 items: the Santa Teresa Park Historic Site Plan, a new restroom at the Hacienda entrance to Almaden Quicksilver, the Welch-Hurst House in Sanborn, and paving roads at Mt. Madonna. The director wanted to concentrate on some projects to make sure they are done. For Santa Teresa, the next step will be to hire a contractor to begin the design process. They will be contacting the community for input.
  • Martial Cottle and the Calero Master Plan have already been funded.
  • Mike talked to Park director Rob Cortney and offered to give him a tour of Santa Teresa.
  • The cattle grazing plan for Santa Teresa has been funded.
  • Ron showed pictures of Coyote Peak, Bernal Hill, Santa at the Ranch, the Norred Trail, the Mine Trail, and the reconstruction of the old barn.
  • The roof on the barn has been completed, but it leaks, so it needs to be repaired. The plywood sheathing panels on the outside walls of the barn are up, and they have been primed. The old wood planks on the barn were saved and numbered. The usable pieces will be placed on the outside of the barn, but only for appearance, not for structural support.
  • We're going to have our 20th anniversary party at the Santa Teresa Library from 10 to 2 on March 24.  Maureen is co-chairing the planning with Mike. The Tenor Band and Paul Bernal have been invited. Ron can have a park slideshow. We need to publicize the event with the Mercury News, the library's Internet site, KBAY's Jona Denz-Hamilton, etc. We can have pictures and displays on our past, present, and future. We will be in the community room and can be outside in the main library, like at the library's birthday bash. We will have activities for kids, like art and stories. We will have scheduled talks. We can pass out copies of our newsletters. We should make a short update to the newsletter based on new news, such as the progress on the east barn.
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    Created 2/2/12, updated 3/17/12  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park