Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 12/5/13


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Ed Jackson, Greg Koopman, and Ron Horii.
  • Last meeting's minutes were discussed and approved.
  • Treasurer's report from Greg Koopman: Our bank balance $974.95.
  • $155.40 from the CAP Grant will go to reimburse Mike for the FOSTP website, which gets billed to his credit card.
  • The CAP Grant mid-year report is due.
  • Mike's neighbor Suzanne is an arborist who got a grant to plant trees. She wanted to plant them in Almaden Quicksilver, but was turned down. She next tried to plant them in the Pueblo Area, but was turned down again. Irrigation is an issue.
  • Our next meeting in January is canceled. Instead, we will have a potluck dinner at Mike's house on January 9.
  • No report on the Parks Commission Meeting. Kitty couldn't go.
  • We discussed the Volunteer Coordinating Council. At one time, there were 17 members. Most quit. Now there are only 5. John George, who was once a park range, was the volunteer coordinator, but he retired. At one time, they tried to get one person from each park in the VCC. There has been less volunteer work lately, though they are still very active at Almaden Quicksilver. The Friends groups are in limbo. They are not in the volunteer program. We would like to see the VCC be more active and be supported by the Parks Department. Kitty wrote a letter to Robb Courtney about it.  The volunteer recognition dinner was canceled this year to due budget constraints and restrictions imposed on spending after the Shirakawa fallout.
  • Mike talked about making a Santa Teresa photo book using about 30 of Ron's pictures. There are some issues if we try to sell it. It can be given as a gift. Cost will be a problem. Ron said that he once had Santa Teresa calendars made. They cost about $20 each.
  • We talked about our next newsletter. The CAP Grant covers costs of publishing a newsletter. The money has to be spent before July 1, 2014 to meet the CAP Grant. This year, we published a newsletter in June for distribution at Festival in the Park at Hellyer. We can do that again next year. We should target getting articles together by May.
  • The Yahoo Groups sends out an automatic meeting notice, but it says our meeting is at 11:00 am. (It may have something to do with the time zone.) Ron doesn't know how to fix it, but Sam might. There are 74 members in our Yahoo Group.
  • Greg would like to see the Stile Ranch trail rocked in portions that get muddy after the rains. He can try to get bicyclists to help out. This could be a project for Eagle Scouts. We need to talk to Aniko about it.
  • Ed said there has been more graffiti at Santa Teresa Spring on a sign. Some of it has been cleaned up. He hasn't seen any turtles in the pond. There has been no graffiti in the canal, but there is evidence of a campfire in the canal between the pond and the ranch. The response has been good by rangers and sheriffs to calls about problems at the spring.
  • Santa Claus is coming to the Bernal Ranch on 12/21 from 1:30 to 3:30. The ranch house is decorated for a Victorian Christmas.
  • Ron showed pictures: muddy Joice and Norred trails after a rainstorm, graffiti on the neighborhood wall by the canal west of the Bernal Ranch, new pictures of volunteers at the ranch bulletinboard, rabbits by the east barn, new wood planks lining the east barn, a grinding wheel and corn shucker in the barn for future exhibits, trail conditions (good) and brush-clearing on the Hidden Springs and Coyote Peak Trails, the County View Drive entrance to the Coyote Peak Trail, and the Bernal Hill Trail.
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    Created 12/10/13  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park