Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 12/4/14


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, and Ron Horii. Visting: Gary Cobb, mountain biker.
  • There was no meeting in November. October's meeting minutes were approved.
  • Outstanding bills: $904.89. Current balance: $431.86, includes $265.70 deposited from the silent auction at the sign dedication. Expenses: Food for the sign dedication: $37.68, PO Box: $58, Event insurance: $111, jazz band at the event: $100, ink for signs and publications: $135. Mike paid the bills. He put $904.89 on credit. He will get reimbursed by the CAP Grant. The City approved the funding for the CAP Grant. We voted on and approved the budget.
  • Our final report for CAP Grant Cycle 26, which was the previous grant cycle, was reviewed by the City and closed.
  • Julie Lee said a park grant is available.It's called the Every Day Events Grant. Up to 60 Park friends groups will receive up to $2000 to hold a minimum of 3 park events. The application is due Dec. 18. It is a national grant, so groups from all over the country will be applying for it. Mike will look into it.
  • The Santa Teresa Historic Site (at Curie and San Ignacio): The master plan was completed. The Parks Dept. was going to fund the trails part of the plan, but the funding was dropped. Janet Hawks put the trails back in the budget. It does not include the visitor center.
  • Victory Ranch is an equestrian non-profit organization. They offered to remove the corral in the Pueblo Area and use the wood to help disadvantaged kids build coat racks.
  • Ron suggested the cattle fence could be put along the corral fence, like at the Pueblo entrance, instead of through the middle of the corral.
  • We talked about doing another newsletter. We should wait until next year when we have more to write about. We need to publish the newsletter before the end of the current CAP Grant cycle, as it is funded by the grant.
  • Gary, who is a mountain biker, talked about creating an area off the Mine Trail for mountain bikers, with jumps. Soquel Demonstration Forest has an area with mountain biking features made with wooden planks and logs. Gary wanted to know if something like that could be created at Santa Teresa. Kitty suggested making a proposal to Phillip Hearin, who is the senior ranger in charge of Santa Teresa. He will take the matter to a park planner.
  • Mike suggested putting features in the Boundary Trail to make it less steep.
  • Roxanne thanked the sponsors of the sign dedication event.
  • Mike came up with an event calendar for us. For now, it just includes our meetings.
  • Horsemen would like to see a trail built from Coyote Peak to the former Lightfoot Stables site by Calero. There is an easement for the trail.
  • The parks department created an inventory of unused buildings in the parks. The Johnson House at the Buck Norred Ranch is listed, but it's low priority. We haven't seen the list. The department doesn't want to make it public because they don't want the homeless to occupy the buildings.
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    Created 2/12/15  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park