Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 11/7/19


    • Attendees: Mike & Dorene Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Marilyn August, Kim Gardner, Steve Crockett, Joan Murphy, Gus Letona, Greg Koopman, Ron Horii, 19 visitors.
    • This was a special meeting due to Kitty's presentation. Mike had a list of suggested, but not committed, projects that he is going to submit to the Parks Department. We approved them:
      1. Remove the dirt and blackberries from around the Santa Teresa Grotto.
      2. La Fuente or other type of annual event supported
      3. National Night Out event - partnership with the Park’s Department
      4. Ron’s photo classes as needed -TBA
      5. Replace the cross at the Pedro Bernal house.
      6. Clean-up, gardening , and graffiti removal - as needed -TBA
      7. Fundraiser – TBD
      8. Pre Mother’s Day Hike  and various other hikes
      9. Trailwork –  as needed -TBA
      10. Farm equipment & grist stone signage – advise a  Boy Scout to do the project  
      11. Promote educational/historical activities at BGJ events - as needed -TBA
      12. FOSTP celebration for volunteer projects at Santa Teresa Park- as needed -TBA
      13. Whopper Tour
    • Treasurer's report by Greg: There is $2152 in the account as of now, most of which is spoken for. After all the outstanding checks are cashed, there will be $397 left. $300 is earmarked for out 501c3 application. $1516 in checks have been approved. 
    • Our Beautify San Jose Grant Cycle 2 final report was submitted. We didn't spend all of the grant money, so we had to give back $160.87. Our application for Cycle 3 of the grant has been approved. We will be getting $2480, $100 more than Cycle 2.
    • The rest of the meeting was a slideshow presentation and talk by Kitty Monahan on the New Almaden Mines and the founding of Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Kitty is Vice President of FOSTP and the President of the New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association (NAQCPA). She's a San Jose native and a retired teacher. She went to New Almaden in 1970, when the mercury mines were still active. The County bought the northern section of the hills in 1970, the southern and central sections in 1976, and the Jacques Ridge portion on the westside in 1980. County Planner Don Whedon planned the park. He felt that a friends group was needed to support the park, so NAQCPA was created in 1978. It now has 400 members, 40 of which are active. Kitty talked about the history of the mines, historic figures, the towns that developed around the mines, historic buildings, and mining technology.
    • Next meeting: December 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm. There will be no meeting in January.  There will be a potluck dinner at Mike's house on Feb. 6, 2020.
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       Created 11/20/19 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park