Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 11/4/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Mario Blaum, Ed Jackson, Woody Collins, Maureen Klaska, visiting: Ranger Aniko Millan
  • Sr. Ranger Aniko Millan came to visit. She introduced herself and told us about her background. She has been in the unit for 6 months, which covers Santa Teresa , Hellyer, the Coyote Creek Trail to Metcalf, and the Cottle Ranch.
  • We talked about dog access issues. Ranger Ryan Lugo proposed putting up 2 signs around the Bernal Ranch, saying no dogs, bikes, and horses, with arrows showing where they can go.
  • On Saturday, 11/6, there will be a trail workday on the Stile Ranch Trail. It's limited to 55 people, who will be divided into 5-7 crews.
  • Ron showed pictures of the Stile Ranch Trail, the parts that need the most work, Spider Night at the Bernal Ranch, and pictures from the Hidden Springs Trail up to the Coyote Peak Trail.
  • We talked about the Coyote-Alamitos Canal. The canal is off-limits by order of the Water District. It's not owned by the County.
  • A bicyclist was cited for riding without a helmet. He came into the park through the canal. There are no signs on the canal about the helmet requirement. A judge upheld the citation.
  • The County took over Tulare Hill. The Coyote-Alamitos Canal goes along Tulare Hill from Santa Teresa to above Monterey Road across from the Coyote Creek Trail.
  • The Water District dredged out the canal. There is no more dirt from the hill in the canal. They smoothed out the canal levee.
  • Pigs have hit yards on Camino Verde and along Curie.
  • Mike talked about our activities calendar. We'll have a recognition event in May on the Stile Ranch Trail.
  • We want to put a plaque on Coyote Peak. We need to get pictures and work on the design.
  • Frank and Sean Ladd want to adopt the Ohlone Trail. Woody has already adopted the Ohlone Trail. He wants to adopt a trail at Calero.
  • We adopted the Norred Trail. Individuals can adopt trails.
  • Aniko wants to establish a park watch patrol, similar to a neighborhood watch, but without having to go through the formal trail watch training. Neighbors who use the park can look for problems and call them in. There will be a flyer to pass around to the neighbors. Aniko will work on a proposal and outline and will present them at a future meeting.
  • The Santa Teresa Library is having a ceremony on Sunday Feb. 5. Mike and Maureen talked to the librarian, who wants people from the neighborhood to participate. They will meet with her again on Nov. 19 at 1:00. We can show pictures, posters, talk about history, etc.
  • The Mt. Umunhum tour is full. We are going to Mt. Thayer. Bring chairs.
  • Pioneer Day is on 11/13 at Almaden Quicksilver.
  • We'll have our Christmas get-together on Jan. 6 instead of having a regular meeting.
  • We'll have a regular meeting in December.
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    Created 11/12/10 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park