Friends of Santa Teresa Park Zoom Meeting, 11/3/22


    • Attendees: Members: Mike Boulland, Woody Collins, Steve Crockett, Greg Koopman, Joan Murphy, Ron Horii. 
    • This was an online Zoom videoconference meeting. Mike sent out a meeting link for this Zoom meeting. We did not have a meeting or work day in October.
    • Here's the meeting agenda.
    • Ron showed a slideshow:
      • We had a First Friday Work Day on 9/1/22 at the Bernal Ranch: Mike, Youngmee, Greg, and Ron showed up, along with 3 volunteers. We cleared the drain around the ceanothus bushes by the street, cleared the blackberries by the ramp to Santa Teresa Spring, and cleared the mud and blackberries from around Santa Teresa Spring, the altar, and the cistern.
      • There was a celebration of life for Kitty Monahan at the Santa Clara County Horseman's Association on 9/4/22.
      • There was stinkwort in the field at the Bonetti Ranch. It was cleared by Park Maintenance (Jason).
      • There are new chickens in the coop at the ranch, initially 3, now 4. There was a contest to name them. They now have names. Jenel Vincze is taking care of them.
      • Goats grazed the weeds between the golf course and the Ohlone Trail.
      • There are unusually tall leather oaks along the Hidden Springs Trail above the Ridge Trail junction. It may be because they are growing in a shady area along a creek.
      • There's a new viewing bench on the Vista Loop Trail. It's in memory of Howard J. LeBas, Jr.
      • There's a new trail along Blossom Hill Road. It starts on Monterey Road near the end of the existing Xander's Crossing, which goes from Cottle Road to Monterey Road. It parallels Blossom Hill Road, going under Hwy 101 on and off-ramps, goes over Hwy 101, and ends at Coyote Road and Silver Creek Valley Road, across from the entrance to Shady Oak Park's Odette Morrow Trail. It allows a safe crossing from Cottle Road to access the Coyote Creek Trail near the Silver Creek Staging Area. It allowed Ron to take a bike ride from the Bernal Ranch to the Coyote Creek Trail to Hellyer.
      • There's a new ramp at the end of the new trail on San Ignacio Avenue and on the sidewalk on the other side. Greg previously contacted Matt Mahan's office about it. 
      • The blackberries are growing back in the drain behind the ceanothus bushes along the walkway by the barns. There's dirt in the drain that needs to be cleared.
      • There's a shortcut to the canal that needs to be blocked off to keep people from using it. It could be blocked off with cut blackberry vines.
      • More dirt has fallen in front of the spring and the altar. It's not bad yet, but it should be cleared.
      • Maintenance crews, with the help of West Valley College students, have been planting sycamore trees in the Pueblo Area. There are over 100 trees. They were stored in the corral area for several months. They were donated by a nursery. The trees have a watering system.
    • Our account balance is $1648.82. There's $90.43 outstanding.
    • Our next First Friday Work Day will be on Friday, 11/4/22 at 9 am. We will meet at the Bernal Ranch House. Jason wants us to clear the drains.
    • There was no Park Commission meeting.
    • Carolyn Schimandle said that interest in school programs is picking up. The Bernal Ranch hours are 11-3 on Sundays. They need help from volunteer hosts. 
    • The griststone project by Scot Hayes is on hold.
    • The Beautify San Jose Cycle 4 grant funds have been spent. The cycle 5 grant application has been submitted. It is almost the same as Cycle 4, with the same budget items and amounts.
    • Mike needs help with the grant paperwork and keeping track of receipts. Steve said he'd help.
    • The Naming Committee is planning to meet and decide on an official name for the Curie Drive Trail. They may call it the Kitty Monahan Trail.
    • There's a possibility the Yellow Kid Trail in Almaden Quicksilver may be renamed for Kitty. It was originally named after a comic strip about an Irish immigrant boy in a yellow nightshirt. The name was inspired by the yellow soil found in the mine.
    • We will have a meeting on Dec. 1, and a First Friday Work Day on Dec. 2. We will have a dinner on 1/5/23. We'll decide on the details later. We'll have a First Friday Work Day on 1/6/23.
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       Created 11/3/22 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park
    Funding provided by a Beautify San Jose Grant