Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 11/03/11

  • Attendees: Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Woody Collins, Maureen Kluska, Kitty Monahan, Mike Boulland, Mario Blaum, Ronald Horii.
  • Last month's minutes were approved.
  • Ron showed his pictures of his photo display at Moonbeams, Pioneer Day at Almaden Quicksilver, the hike at Rancho San Vicente, the Sierra Vista trail opening, views from Coyote Peak, the reconstruction of the barn at the Bernal Ranch, Santa Teresa Spring.
  • Our bank balance is $274.95 after consent items have been paid. Expenditures were $54.62 for Fandango printing costs, $80.45 for Fandango supplies, $200 for UNSCC membership, $20 for state non-profit filing fees, $7.83 for Ron Horii's expenses for Fandango supplies. The expense items were approved.
  • We had 99.48 volunteer hours for last month, 626.15 hours for the year.
  • The Open Space Authority has a 20% fund, which cities can apply for, but it must be related to open space. The grant must be approved by a citizen's advisory committee.
  • There will be one more public meeting on the County Parks' acquisition policy. There is an online survey. The Parks Commission will get a report before the Board of Supervisors.
  • Mike and Kitty attended the 7-hour trail lead training class. They can lead events.
  • Calero and Guadalupe Reservoirs were found to have seepage which may require repairs. Any plans to raise Calero Dam are on hold.
  • Ash Kalra's November newsletter has a picture that Ron took at Hellyer.
  • The UNSCC conference was in October. Ron took 3 classes. Mike took 2. We are required to take 4 classes to meet the CAP Grant requirements.
  • There will be no more CAP Grant next year, but Ernest Guzman is trying to get $38K for neighborhood groups to pay for the UNSCC membership.
  • The REI/Bay Area Ridge Trail work day will be on November 5 at 9:00, starting at the Pueblo Area.
  • Mike sent a letter to the Muwekma Ohlone Indians' language committee asking for a statement to put on the Coyote Peak interpretive sign.
  • If we need money for the sign, the Los Gatos Rotary or Almaden Rotary may be a possible source of funding.
  • Mike and Michelle are going to a conference by the state controller's office on new rules for non-profit organizations.
  • We will not have a meeting in January. We will have a potluck dinner on Thursday, January 5 at Mike's new house on Almaden Road, "La Casita."
  • There have been parking lot break-in's. There is a couple driving a gray 1980's Honda. The female driver in her 20's drops off a male passenger who breaks into cars. The driver returns to pick up her partner.
  • Woody talked about new County Park trails. There is a new trail at Coyote Lake looping off the Harvey Bear Trail near the dam. There will be 3 trail work days at Montalvo. They haven't started on the new trails at Sanborn.
  • Mike talked about putting in a new trail from the spring to the Bear Tree Lot.
  • The Hidden Springs Trail behind the Muriel Wright Center was flooded from a leak. There has been a leak there before.
  • Ed said there has been activity at the spring, but sheriff's response has been good. They come within 15 minutes.
  • There is a new principal at Bernal School. The area around the school is littered and needs cleaning up. We should invite the principal to come to our meeting to talk about keeping kids away from the pond at night, or we should go to a PTSA meeting the school to discuss it.
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    Created 11/28/11  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park