Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting Minutes for 10/2/03

  • Meeting attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Lynne Paulson, Holly Davis, Lynne Paulson, Ken Silveira, Hazen Anderson, Mario Blaum
  • Mario: trails look good. They are being maintained by 8 crews. The Stiles trail needs work. It is rutted.
  • Trail Days at Santa Teresa: Nov. 8: Rocky Ridge Trail, Nov. 15: Stiles Ranch Trail, Dec. 6: Rocky Ridge Trail and Stiles Ranch Trail, Dec. 20: Rocky Ridge Trail, Jan 3: Stiles Ranch Trail. The calendar of trail days is on the County Park's website.
  • Mike: Janice Frazier said that a trail from Buck Norred's to Joice-Bernal is in the master plan, but it is along the canal. At least it's in the master plan. It is difficult to add a trail that is not in the master plan. Part of the road going uphill near the entrance to Buck Norred's is private. The canal is also private. Neighbors own the land partway up the hill on the other side of the canal. Ron showed  pictures of the hillside above the canal west of Buck Norred's, where there are some volunteer trails.
  • Lynne Paulson reporting on the STFNA:
    • Update on the Nakashima Property development proposal in the Santa Teresa Hills above Snell: The Open Space Authority and the owners are talking. 
    • There will be an STFNA meeting at the end of the month. (October 30, Sakamoto School, 7-9 pm). Craig Breon, the noted environmentalist and director of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society will speak and give a presentation on environmental issues.
    • There is a proposed development on the top of the hills. One of the residents wants to build a lighted tennis court with with a 10-foot high fence. This violates the development agreement for this area. The STFNA wants it not visible.
  • Volunteer Hours. 
    • Holly Davis: 30
    • Kitty Monahan: 15
    • Ronald Horii: 30
    • Mike Boulland: 30
    • John Klimaszewski: 9
    • Lynne Paulson: 11
    • Hazen Anderson: 4
    • Mario Blaum: 15 + 15
  • Treasurer's Report (Holly): We spent about $97.36 on the Mounted Ranger Open House.We bought hot dogs, chips, etc. Some items we were able to return. The perishables couldn't be returned. People bought them. There are lots of napkins and cups leftover. Holly has them.
  • Pyzak's: Ron wrote a letter to Forrest Williams and Don Gage about widening Curie Drive next to Pyzak's to provide more room for bicycles and pedestrians going down Curie, especially for kids going to and from Bernal School. He got a reply from Forrest Williams, who said it was a good idea and would have Public Works look at it. Ginny Maiwald, principal of Bernal School, also wrote, saying that she supports the idea. They have been looking at street safety issues. Mike asked Joe Schultz (parks director) to take a look at it. To widen the street would just mean moving the fence a few feet. There are no buildings in the way. The fence along the field at Curie and San Ignacio is part barbed wire, which is unnecessary and a hazard.
  • The rangers at Buck Norred's would like a community garden at their site.
  • 4H, Holly: 4H has been having trouble finding a place to meet for free. San Anselmo School requires that a janitor open up the school, and the janitor's schedule doesn't always fit the 4H meeting schedule. The Santa Teresa Golf Course Clubhouse costs $50/night. The Community Center costs $35/night. They have tried churches. They can't use the barn at the Bernal Ranch because it's a museum. Bernal School doesn't want animals in their building. The Coyote Grange Hall is a possibility.
  • Hazen wants to put up a plaque by Santa Teresa Springs. He wants to donate money for the plaque. To be tax-deductible, donations need to go to the Silicon Valley Parks Foundation and can be designated for Santa Teresa. We need to find out what the park's plans are for signage at Joice-Bernal. We don't want to repeat signs. Hazen wants to put a plaque near the road.
  • Activities:
    • The Mounted Ranger Facility dedication at Buck Norred's was on Sept. 27. Mike, Dorene, and Kitty helped set up. Eric Goodrich BBQ'd hot dogs. Holly and her family helped with the food. She and her family helped prepare 110 horseshoes as mementos. They had tags tied to them that were made by Julie, the ranger. Dorothy manned the FOSTP table and gave out information. Ron made posters and took pictures. John Klimaszewski and Mario came by to help. Trail watch volunteers helped direct traffic. People from the community and people who used to live in the Norred House came by to visit. The rangers gave talks and demonstrations of the facilities.
    • The Santa Teresa Community Fest was also held on Sept. 27. Lynne manned the FOSTP booth while Mike was at Buck's. She handed out literature and answered questions. There was a lot of interest in Santa Teresa Park. Ron put up posters and took pictures. Mike came by later. Mike signed the Community Fest application for next year.
    • Oct. 10/11: movie night and moon viewing at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch.
    • Oct. 18: County Parks Annual Volunteer End-of-Season BBQ at the New Almaden Community Club, 11:00 am. Eric Goodrich will be cooking.
    • Oct. 25: ghostly tales at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch.
  • Ranger report (Ken):
    • Rangers assigned to Santa Teresa are Flint, Phil, Jeff, and Fernando. Brent is going to Anderson.
    • There are more patrols at the Joice-Bernal Ranch. 
    • Citations were issued to paintballers.
    • There have been no incidents at Buck Norred's.
    • There is a maintenance person living at Pyzak's who works at Vasona. Another maintenance person lives in the Rosetto Ranch and works at Anderson. A ranger from Sanborn lives in the Pedro Bernal house. 
  • Website and Pictures: Ron
Ronald Horii, 
Secretary, Friends of Santa Teresa Park 

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Created 10/24/2003 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park