Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 10/4/12


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Woody Collins, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Ron Horii
  • We have 243 volunteer hours total, 21 hours this month.
  • Treasurer's report: Balance on Aug. 1, 2012: $274.95. Expense: $44.00 PO box. Gifts-in-kind: $519.29 July 2011 to July 2012. CAP Grant deposit: $400. $634.95 balance after transactions clear the bank.
  • Bernal Intermediate School Cross-Country, Roxanne Koopman: Mike & Roxanne met with Sr. Ranger Aniko Millan to discuss bringing cross-country racing back to Santa Teresa Park. Mike met with the Parks Commission to get the parking fees waived and with Beeny Sander to get the usage fee waived.
  • On Sept. 21, a meet was held at Santa Teresa with 3 schools and about 60 students each. Usually, the meet is held at Alum Rock. More parents came this time because it's closer. The race followed the Mine and Pueblo Trails, about 2.1 miles, finishing at the corral in the Pueblo Area. The participants had paper parking passes. About 200 people came. There was plenty of parking. They met from 3-5 pm. A ranger was there. The race season starts in September and runs for 6 weeks. It ends in a couple of weeks.
  • Since the parking and use fees were waived, the Bernal students will be doing volunteer work in the park. Bernal students need volunteer hours. Next Friday, the Bernal Jr. High running team will be doing a trail work project from 3-5. 50 students will be doing weed abatement on the Ohlone Trail. They can do volunteer work ahead of the meet. They can work in the spring for the next meet in September. They want to host another invitational meet with outside schools.
  • Ron showed pictures: the visitor center at Anderson Lake with Ron's pictures on the wall, the Coyote Creek Equestrian Trail, new pictures of volunteer activities at the Bernal Ranch, the upcoming Spider Night at the Bernal Ranch on 10/13 at 7:30, the Norred Trail, the archery range, a broken park bench on the Ohlone Trail, litter along Heaton Moor across from Bernal School, and sunsets around the park.
  • CAP Grant update: We got $400 for our regular CAP Grant. We need to attend classes as a requirement for the grant. Mike attended the UNSCC conference. He ended up in a mini-grant conference. They did an exercise in grant-writing. Mike wrote up a mini-grant application and submitted it. He got a mini-grant award for $425. We can spend that on a project.
  • We did an exercise in our meeting, listing 3 project priorities: the Coyote Peak sign, improving the cross-country trail route, and putting in trails at the Pyzak/Bonetti Ranch.
  • Saturday 10/20 is Sam's geocaching class at Almaden Quicksilver on the Wood Road Trail.
  • Friday is National Go Out to the Park Day.
  • Kitty talked about the Parks Commission Meeting. They talked about the Habitat Conservation Plan and the budget. There is 6 more years on the park charter. The director predicts the department will be running a deficit in 6 years. He is proposing raising park fees. They talked about Fantasy of Lights. It raises a lot of money, but it costs a lot in paying overtime to staff for directing traffic.
  • We talked about Fandango. We didn't do a brick activity this year. Our booth was next to the fence in front of the Caretaker's House. Next year, we need a new activity. Bricks are messy.
  • Sam talked about the Mt. Umunhum meetings At the last meeting, they approved the general plan, except for the radar tower. They removed the issue of the backpack camp from the plan and proposed moving it to the Sierra Azul Master Plan. San Jose Water and local residents objected to the camp due to fear of fire danger. The next meeting will be on 10/17. MROSD will be deciding on the fate of the radar tower. It will be held in the Historic Del Monte Building, 100 S. Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale at 7:00 pm.
  • Ed said there were 6 people handcuffed and arrested at Santa Teresa Spring. They were young adults or teenagers. They came out of their cars, dressed in black.
  • Saturday 10/6 is a dedication ceremony for the trails at Harvey Bear/Coyote Lake, starting at 9:00. At 10:00, there will be a hike on the Ed Wilson Trail. At 11:00, there will be a dedication ceremony. At 11:30, there will be a barbecue lunch.
  • Ron's outdoor photography class is at the Bernal Ranch on Saturday 10/6 at 10 am.
  • Pioneer Day is at Almaden Quicksilver at the Hacienda Area by the Outdoor Museum on Saturday 10/13 at 11:00. There will be a dedication on the Mine Trail of a sign for the Incline Railroad.
  • Pumpkins in the Park is at Discovery Meadow by the Children's Discovery Museum downtown on 10/13 from 10 am to 4 pm. The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council will have a booth there.
  • There will be no meeting in November. Mike won't be here. We'll have a regular meeting in December.
  • We need to pick a picture for the Coyote Peak sign.
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    Created 10/9/12  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park