Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 10/3/13


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Ellen Finch, Roxanne & Greg Koopman, Ron Horii
  • We did not have a meeting in September.
  • We have $475 in the bank.
  • Mike got a ranger report from Aniko Millan. There have been some staff changes for the rangers and maintenance covering Santa Teresa. Some people have come back. 2 new signs have been ordered for the Pueblo Area and the Heaton Moor entrance. Rangers have been assigned to be in charge of maintenance of single-track trails. (Park Maintenance handles the wide trails.)  Each ranger is responsible for 3 trails. They may ask volunteers for help. Aniko assigns the rangers to the trails. Kitty will find out which ranger is responsible for the Norred Trail. If volunteers want to help with a trail, they can work with the ranger in charge of it. (Greg knows the owner of Trailhead Cyclery, the largest high-end bike shop in the area, who may be able to get volunteers to work on trails.) 2 homeless encampments on the Ohlone Trail were moved out. The movie and campout at the Pueblo Area were successful. There will be more next year.
  • Roxanne said there was a district cross-country meet at Santa Teresa on Sept. 19. In return for getting parking fees waived, the students did clean-up work and helped post "no trespassing" signs in the park across from Bernal School on Sept. 12. 33 students helped out at Anderson Lake during Coastal Cleanup. It was the biggest volunteer cleanup crew they ever had there for that event. They picked up 1600 lbs of trash, and it's very clean now. They usually have a hard time getting volunteers to come to Anderson.
  • The volunteer BBQ is on 10/19 from 12-2 at the Pueblo Area.
  • Kitty reported on the Parks Commission meeting. Matt Anderson, head of the rangers, said they need to collect more money. There were reports on the ranger and interpretive programs.
  • Ron attended the Neighborhood Development Training Conference at SJSU on September 21. He took 2 classes: Organizing for Neighborhood Safety and Online Networking in Your Neighborhood. Our CAP Grant requires that we take 1 class for the year, so this more than covers the requirement.
  • Mike was serving as temporary treasurer, replacing Mario Blaum, who moved out of the area. Greg volunteered to serve as treasurer.
  • Sam is having a geocaching class at Almaden Quicksilver's Wood Road Trail on 11/2.
  • Basim Jaber is giving a talk on the Almaden Air Force Station at the Casa Grande on 10/13 from 1-3.
  • Sam said the Umunhum Conservancy will have booths at Tarantula Fest at Henry Coe on 10/5 and Day on the Bay in Alviso on 10/13. They had a booth at the Almaden Art and Wine Festival. They got 80 sign-ups. They got a full-color banner with grommets for $26.
  • There will be a Slug Run on May 14, 2014. Maybe they can hold it at the Pueblo Area.
  • Ron showed pictures of Fandango; views and conditions on the Coyote Peak, Ridge, Ohlone, Pueblo, Mine, and Norred Trails; and the Healthy Trails hike on the Norred Trail.
  • Ron's outdoor photography class is on 10/5 at the Bernal Ranch.
  • Greg talked about bicycling and about steep trail sections that are dangerous: the lower Joice Trail, the Coyote Peak Trail below the Boundary Trail, the Bernal Hill Trail.
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    Created 11/3/13  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park