Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 10/1/09

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Roland LeBrun, Woody Collins, Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Mario Blaum
  • The Santa Clara Valley Water District has an Adopt-a-Creek program. They require 2 cleanups a year. Ron said we should look into adopting the Coyote-Alamitos Canal. Kitty knows the person in charge and will look into it.
  • Ron showed slideshows of the Santa Teresa Community Fest, Coyote Peak, deer by Santa Teresa Spring, a lady feeding the deer tortillas, oak galls, telescopes at the Bernal Ranch for Lost in Space Night, flowers and views Rancho San Vicente from the Stile Ranch Trail, the Norred Trail, the Pyzak Ranch, the Ohlone Trail, Ron's photo class.
  • Shirin Darbani is no longer working in Ash Kalra's office.
  • The Pedro Bernal House has a new awning.
  • Sam showed a prototype model of viewing tubes that he made from PVC pipe. It is for showing the sights from Coyote Peak. It is similar to the viewing tubes on Mission Peak. Tube alignment is critical. It needs to be aimed at an object that stands out.
  • The Boy Scouts want to do a project. They need a project that doesn't require CEQA approval. If they do a jajor project in the park that requires moving objects, they need CEQA approval. If it's a cleanup project, like weed abatement, they don't need to  go through the CEQA process. They need to get approval from the senior ranger at Hellyer to do a project.
  • Mario said we have no expenses this month.
  • Manila Drive floods in the rain. There is one storm drain on Manila Way and one at Camio Verde.
  • On 10/9, Ash Kalra will take a tour of Santa Teresa Park. They have permission to use the park van. John Slenter will drive. Lynne Paulson, Sandra Soto, Rosemary Kamei, Drew Merry, Mike, Roland, and Ash will go. The goal is to show Ash the history of Santa Teresa Park. They will see the BGJ Ranch, Coyote Peak, the Fortini-Rosetto Ranch, and the Almaden Valley. Ash is interested in history and trails.
  • John Dorrance is working on a movie on the history of the County Parks.
  • The restoration of the old barn has been held up because of the oak tree on the corner. The contractors said they would have to cut down the tree. They've changed their plans, and now the project is back on track. We have not seen the plans for the barn. Ask Jane Mark.
  • We talked about the Pyzak House. We can't do anything to it. Volunteers can't do building restoration. It needs to be protected from water damage. What happened to the roof tiles? Can they be put back on? The house has water damage. Replacing the roof may cause the walls to collapse. We need to put together a story telling about the value of the house. Kitty has information on it. It was built for Jacoba Bernal by her father as a wedding present. We need a plan. Roland will draw up one.
  • Roland said there are 2 new signs between the barn and the spring.
  • Roland has concerns about putting in an orchard between the DG path and Manila Drive. There needs to be visibility from the street to the DG path for security reasons. There's no problem putting in an orchard between the DG path and the canal.
  • At one time, they did not cut the grass by the spring. Coyotes were hiding in it and going into the houses. Roland lost his cat to a coyote.
  • We talked about becoming a 501c3. Roland said he could fund it. If we become a 501c3, we can get donations, which would be tax-deductible. We can ask for money from the Historic Heritage Commission. They give out grants, but it is a complicated process. We would be eligible for a bulk mailing permit. However, Kitty said it has been getting more expensive for NAQCPA. They used to pay $30 for 700 copies. Now it costs $180 for 400 copies. NAQCPA was a 501c3 from the start. It was started by a planner from the Board of Supervisors. They wanted to have a large organization. They have 17 board members and 400 paid members. They needed to get insurance because they would be driving in the park. They have $10K, mostly from memberships, donations, and book sales. We voted to table the 501c3 issue.
  • Ed said that he was told that the sheriff and rangers will step up patrols of the park along Manila drive.
  • Ed said he has not seen much grafitti. People are still going into the park at night. There have been no break-ins.
  • Sam taught a GPS class to the group that funded the GPS purchase for the County Parks. He gave a class to thank them. 7 people came to the class on Wood Road in Almaden Quicksilver last Saturday.
  • Sam is giving a geocaching class at Calero on Saturday Oct. 17 at 8:45 am in the main parking lot by the stables.
  • Kitty said the Adopt-a-Trail plan is done. The policy is up for approval. VCC will work on getting signs up. We need to re-adopt the Norred Trail. We need to fill out another form. We need to show that we are walking and taking pictures of the trail. We need to put names on the form and say who will be the liaison. Mario said he'd do it.
  • On 10/3, there will be a trail day at Coyote Lake.
  • On 10/7 at 4 pm, Mike will give a ghost tour for the Kiwanis. They meet behind the Country Inn at Almaden Expressway and Camden Avenue.
  • Mike will be giving a presentation on the Berryessa Family history at the Berryessa Community Center on Oct. 12 in the evening.
  • Pioneer Day will be on 10/10 at Almaden Quicksilver at English Camp. They will dedicate the map room.
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Created 11/2/09 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park