Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 8/6/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Mario Blaum, Ed Jackson, Martin Reinders, County Parks visitors Jan Shriner and Julie Lee
  • Treasurer's report: our bank balance was $1147.18. We spent $200 on the UNSCC membership fee, $500 to pay for musicians for Fandango, and have $100 reserved for newsletters, leaving $347.18
  • Mike submitted the CAP Grant Final Report for Cycle 23.
  • Ron showed pictures of the Albertson Parkway, the Norred Trail, Chitactac Family Day, Ant Night at the BGJ Ranch, and the ranger-led hike at Rancho San Vicente.
  • Jan Shriner talked about Fandango. It runs from 5-8 pm on August 21. All volunteers need to fill in and sign the volunteer releases. Jan passed out a schedule for staff and volunteers. The schedule runs from 2-8 pm. Janice Frazier will be coming with her horse, Easy. 4H wants 3 sites. STFNA will not be coming. We need 4 Easy-Ups. Juan Cisneros will be coming to help with the brick-making. Chris Carson will manage the corral area, with the bulls, branding, and horseshoes. The horseshoes will be done on the northwest side of the corral. They will throw towards the barn. The food menu will be Indian tacos, watermelon, juice, soda, and water. The food trailer will come to the ranch on Friday. The picnic tables will be coming Friday. They will be prepped on Saturday from 2-5. The Bernal Family will be having a reunion. They asked for 6 tables at the picnic area. Paul Bernal will have 3 tables for his display. The Muwekma want to have a booklet on native plants. We decided that FOSTP volunteers will pay for their own food and we'll forego the stipend that is offered to exhibitors. The musicians will be the Alta California Orchestra. They are a duo. We will pay the California Institute for Traditional Studies. They cost $500. $200 each is for the musicians, and $100 is for the institute. They will perform and play background music. Ads were published in Bay Area Parent and a full-page ad in the San Jose Mercury News. Flyers were passed out at St. Julie's. E-mail was send out to people close to the park. Ed got a letter, which he passed around the neighborhood. NAQCPA got permission to have a blacksmith at their event. Maybe we could get one for Fandango. There was one at the opening ceremony of the BGJ Ranch. FOSTP will have an adobe clay exhibit like last year with large and small bricks. Mike doesn't want to bring as much mud this year. We should bring tarps.
  • The interpretive sign for Coyote Peak is on hold. We need to get a picture of the sign on Boccardo. Sam may have pictures.
  • The Santa Teresa Community Fest is on 9/18. Sam will bring rubber ducks to give away. We'll need tables and an Easy-Up. The County Parks will also have a booth.
  • Coastal Cleanup Day will be on September 25, so it won't conflict with the Community Fest.
  • Marty Reinders got an historic inventory list on Santa Teresa Park from Dana Peak. It includes the Santa Teresa Historic Area, but it does not include the Fortini side of the park.
  • We should make our own list of historic buildings and check with the county to see if those buildings are on it.
  • Our Mt. Umunhum trip is on 8/15. 20 people have signed up. We will carpool up from the Almaden Community Club at 9:00. We'll need to bring a lunch. We'll go through the base onto private property that overlooks the mountain top. There's an article about a similar trip in the latest Almaden Times Weekly. [Note: this trip has been postponed until October.]
  • There will be no work day at the Bernal Ranch this month.
  • Ed said they have been getting good responses from the park rangers at the Spring. There is still a pile of mud on the Coyote Alamitos Canal levee. The grass hasn't been cut between the canal and the road.
  • Ed said he saw baby owls in the trees by his house.
  • There is a pile of brush leftover from the CCC cleanup at the end of Manila Drive.
  • Sam said there are geocaching cleanup events at Yosemite and Santa Cruz.
  • We need to fill out a new Adopt-a-Trail form with our addresses and phone numbers. There will be a new sign put up for us. Individuals or groups can work on the trail. We need to put in 20 hours per year total. The trail is fine now. The ground is too hard to work on. After winter is when it will need the most work. We can do a group event in the spring. Kitty will set a date.
  • Mike said to hang onto receipts when we spend money for our group activities. We can use them for in-kind donations for the CAP Grant.
  • On October 9, Marty Reinders will be doing a a night photo session at English Camp at Almaden Quicksilver. It was chosen because it is shielded from city light. It will be a nighttime van tour.
  • Ron is teaching a photography class at the Bernal Ranch on October 2.
  • There will be a Perseid meteor shower viewing at Calero on 8/12 at 8:30. There will also be one at Rancho Canada Del Oro on 8/13 at 8:30.
  • We talked a bit about the County Parks Acquisition policy meetings. There were three of them. Several of our members went to one or more of them. There will be one more meeting in East San Jose. After that will be a summary presented to the Park Board. So far, surveys have shown support for an OHV park at the closed United Technologies rocket plant, more trails, and regional parks. People supporting the Three Creeks Trail were at the meetings. The County is collaborating with San Jose on it.
  • Mike has the Berryessa family tree from Barbara Brown. He gave her a history tour. Mary Berger has an outline of the Berryessa Family, which she shared. She and Heidi McFarland are giving an interpretive event at the Rancho San Vicente on the history of the Berryessa Family.
  • There will be no meeting next month.
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