Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 8/1/13


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Ed Jackson, Greg Koopman, Ron Horii, Jan Shriner (visiting park interpreter)
  • July's meeting was canceled because of the holiday.
  • County Park staffers are working on STAR reports. There are teams studying volunteers, partners, communications, performance measurements (how well the parks are meeting their mission statements), revenue generation, efficiency, and financial sustainability. Each team will come up with 3-5 recommendations. Final reports are due Aug. 16, with a wrap-up on Aug. 22.
  • Fandango is Aug. 24 from 5-8 pm. Jan Shriner is organizing it. Setup starts at 3 pm. Cleanup should end ~10 pm. The Tamale Factory is providing food. A ham radio search and rescue group is bringing emergency lighting for nighttime cleanup. The Bernal Family is having their family reunion in the park. Paul Bernal is not coming, but Greg Smestad will be there and manning the Bernal Family table. Dennis Moran will be doing caricatures. Janice Frazier will be bringing her horse, Easy. The Muwekma will not be coming, but SJSU's Alan Levanthal will be coming to talk about the Muwekma. The National Park Service will be coming, with displays on the De Anza National Trail. Phyllis Carrasco will be doing crafts. Dorene, Mike, Sam, Ed, Kitty, and Ron will be coming to help out. Jenel may be coming with 4H. FOSTP will have 3 tables along the fence by the Caretakers House. Cars need to be cleared out of the parking lot by 4:30. It needs to be kept open for exhibitors to come in. Volunteers need to bring or buy dinner. Kitty will bring 4 Easy-ups. Jan is getting tables from the election office.
  • Cleanup day has been confirmed for the Bernal Cross-Country Team to work in the park: Thursday 9/12. There will be a meet on 9/19. About 60 people are expected.
  • There may be a volunteer BBQ in October. There won't be an indoor banquet.
  • There was no Parks Commission meeting in July. Gloria Gill will make a presentation on volunteers at the August meeting.
  • Mike finished the final report for the CAP 26 grant, and it was accepted. He attended a CAP 27 workshop. Mike and Ron wrote and submitted the CAP 27 grant application, which was granted.
  • We had to report of a change in officers to the state. Since Mario moved, we needed someone to replace him as treasurer. We voted on and approved the change to Mike Boulland as treasurer.
  • Ed said that there has been a lot of after-hours activity at Santa Teresa Spring. The response time by the rangers and sheriffs has been good. They'd like to see more bushes by the spring. It's bare now.
  • Ron showed pictures of Festival in the Park at Hellyer; reptile & amphibian night and micro-zoology night at the Bernal Ranch; the Water, Wildlife, and Working Lands event at the Bernal Ranch and Santa Teresa Spring; 4H rabbits; gardens around the ranch house; the Joice and Norred Trails; Americorps working at the Muriel Wright Center; Jan's Healthy Trails hike on the Norred Trail;
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    Created 9/1/13  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park