Friends of Santa Teresa Park Zoom Meeting, 7/6/23


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Steve Crockett, Greg Koopman, Joan Murphy, Kim Gardner, Ron Horii.
    • This was an online Zoom videoconference meeting. Mike sent out a meeting link for this Zoom meeting.
    • We'll have a First Friday workday on 7/7/23. We'll meet at the Bernal Ranch by the chicken coop at 9:00 am. We will be doing weeding. We may have 12 people helping us. We need foam knee pads. Ron has some and will bring them. Greg suggests getting kick board pads, which are cheap. 
    • Our work day next month is on Friday, August 4 at 9 am.
    • Interpretive Coordinator Carolyn Schimandle says she needs volunteers to act as hosts at the Bernal Ranch. Steve was a host before the pandemic. He's thinking about doing it again.
    • Jason Gorman was the senior maintenance worker at Santa Teresa Park. He surpervised a lot of work at Santa Teresa, including the tree planting in the Pueblo Area. We should recognize him. He's now at Almaden Quicksilver.
    • We have $1348.82 in the bank, the same as last month. We had to pay fees for government tax filing fees: $20 for the state, $50 for federal.
    • We are waiting to get our Beautify San Jose Grant. We were awarded the grant, have turned in the required paperwork, and are waiting for the check for $1500. 
    • The next Park Commission meeting is 8/2/23. Greg wants to come to a future meeting to talk about his concerns in the park, like trash can lids on Coyote Peak and abandoned power poles along the Rocky Ridge Trail.
    • We should recognize Steve Cassidy, who does the tree planting and maintenance in the middle of the park.
    • NAQCPA used GoFundMe to raise funds to buy a memorial picnic table for Kitty Monahan in Almaden Quicksilver. We could do something similar to get a memorial for Kitty in Santa Teresa Park. We need to find out how NAQCPA did it.
    • We should recognize Woody Collins. He's been a member for many years, but can't participate now due to health reasons.
    • La Fuente is on 9/16/23 at the Bernal Ranch. Rob McDonnell is organizing it. We will be participating. We'll have our booth there. We need to plan for it. Mike, Joan, Kim, and Ron can come.
    • 9/16 is the date of the first Mexican revolution agains the Spanish.
    • Since we haven't gotten our grant yet, and since there was a delay in getting approval, we did not apply to get permits to hold National Night Out (NNO) this year. Greg will be holding an NNO event this year at his house. There will be a large NNO event at Los Paseos Park. There are also big events at Silver Leaf Park and Edenvale Gardens Park. Ron went to them last year.
    • We need to have our newsletter ready to pass out at La Fuente. When the grant comes in, we'll have money to print it. Ron will edit it. He'll need articles submitted by the end of August. Some ideas for articles: ghost stories, the Treaty of Santa Teresa, stories about famous people in the neighborhood, account of our field trip to Black Diamond Mines, memories of Santa Teresa, Clementine Fortini. Ron knows Nancy Bonetti, whose family lived on the Bonetti Ranch, which is across from Bernal School. He'll ask her if she can write about her memories of living there. Kim might write about dogs in the park.
    • Ron showed pictures:
      • 6/2/23: FOSTP work day at the Bernal Ranch. FOSTP members Mike Boulland, Youngmee Kim, Joan Murphy, and Ron Horii were there. Also helping were 6 volunteers, including 2 students. They mostly worked clearing blackberries in the area below Santa Teresa Spring. Joan cut weeds around the ranch house.
      • 6/14/23:  Family Twilight Stroll, led by Katrina Semene, nature walk from the Bernal Ranch house area to the Bear Tree Lot.
      • 6/24/23: FOSTP/NACPA field trip to Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch. Afterwards, FOSTP visited the Antioch Historical Museum and had lunch at the Antioch Marina.
      • 6/23/23: Kingsnake program, with Rob McDonnell. He showed Morticia, the kingsnake from Martial Cottle. About 60 people attended. He was assisted by Sofia.
      • 6/28-30/23: Prescribed burn and fire training at the Pueblo Area (6/28-29, 6/30). Flat parts of the Pueblo Area, the east side of Trench Hill, and part of the hill north of Bernal Road and south of the Mine Trail were burned. Fire crews came from cities in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. County Park rangers participated.
      • 7/4/23: FOSTP and NAQCPA had a booth at the 4th of July Celebration at Almaden Lake. Mike and Dorene Boulland and Ron Horii were there for FOSTP. Tere Johnson came for NAQCPA. Ron Horii brought posters with pictures of both parks. There were also displays and literature for the Friends of the New Almaden Ting.
      • 7/6/23: Conditions around the Bernal Ranch: Bermuda grass is growing in and around the garden boxes. Blackberries are growing in the drain above the retaining walls along Manila Drive and along the ramp to Santa Teresa Spring, in the drains below the spring, and the picnic area below the spring. Weeds have been cut down around the Bear Tree Lot and Bonettti Ranch. There's a lot of vegetation and mud flow around Santa Teresa Spring and the shrine. Someone cleared away part of the shrine so that Pedro Bernal's inscription is visible. Water is still flowing, so it may be too wet to clear around the spring yet.
    • Saturday 7/8/23 is Community Science Stewardship Day at the Pueblo Area in Santa Teresa Park from 9 am to 11 am. Park interpreters and volunteer Climate Stewards will lead participants in measuring and monitoring the health of newly planted trees.
    • Sunday 7/9/23 from 10:30 am to 2 pm is the Water and Wags Festival at Calero Reservoir. There will be Mussel Dogs, food, games, pet adoption resources, safety tips, and aquatic education.
    • Wednesday 7/12/23 from 7:30-8:30 pm is the next Family Twilight Stroll
    • Morning Nature Strolls for South County Senions, Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am: 7/19 on the Martin Murphy Lake at Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch, 8/23 on the California New Trail at Mt. Madonna, 9/19 on the Rancho La Polka Trail at Coyote Lake.
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       Created 7/6/23 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park
    Funding provided by a Beautify San Jose Grant