Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 7/2/15


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Martin Reinders, and Ron Horii. Neighbors Bill Wolf and Ellen Anderson came for the first time to see what's going on in the neighborhood.
  • Mike showed an article by past member Dorothy Wuss.
  • We reviewed last month's meeting minutes.
  • Ron Showed a slideshow: showing cattle fencing progress; flowers on the trails; Festival in the Park at Hellyer; the Visual San Jose historic photo contest awards at Southern Lumber, in which Ron took first place; dudleya on the Fortini Trail, weed cutting and a work day by students at the Bernal Ranch; vines and dirt by Santa Teresa Spring that need cleaning up; conditions on the Norred Trail; Curie Drive, where the road will be widened by the Pyzak Ranch; fire at Rancho San Vicente.
  • No report by park staff. No park commission meeting. No Historic Heritage meeting.
  • Mike was concerned that he and Kitty will not have a regular time slot to speak at the Park Commission meeting.
  • There was no VCC meeting last month due to Festival in the Park. There will be a meeting next Tuesday.
  • Ron finished editing the new newsletter. He got articles and information from Mike, Kitty, Sam, Kitty, Greg, Roxanne and her daughter. Mike will make copies to hand out and give them to Sam to hand out at his booth at Almaden Lake's 4th of July celebration this Saturday.
  • Santa Teresa Village Fest will be on September 19 at the Village Oaks shopping center. There was a pilot version of the fest last year. This year will be bigger. Sam will have a booth. There are other events on that date, so we may not be able to staff our own booth. We can see about sharing Sam's booth or giving him newsletters to pass out.
  • Mike want to organize a tour of Santa Teresa Park. We need to schedule a date. It's too late to put it on the park calendar. It will be a FOSTP event.
  • CAP Grant Cycle 28: we finished up the expenses. We will need to submit the final report.
  • CAP Grant Cycle 29: the application is due July 31. There is a class on the CAP Grant process on July 16. Ron will attend. He and Mike will work on the budget and grant application. The grant will pay for UNSCC membership, our website fees, and newsletter costs. If we have an event, it will pay for event insurance, food, T-shirts, and awards. We voted to go ahead and apply for the grant.
  • 7/2 was the last day to apply for this year's Historic Heritage Commission grant. There is about $300K available. $40K-$60K is added each year. It can only be used on physical property in a park or preserve in the county. There is no maximum grant amount. The largest grant was $70K for the Sea Scouts building in Palo Alto.
  • We want to see if we can save the Pyzak House. It has extensive termite damage and may be demolished. Mike was thinking about using it to store historical archives for Rancho Santa Teresa. We need to meet with planner Kim Brosseau about the plans for the house. Before it was the Pyzak House, it was the Jacoba Bernal House, built for one of the Bernal Family daughters. It dates back to the 1930's.
  • We plan to take a tour of the Bernal Ranch on 7/29 at 4:00, meet at the ranch house. Ron will check with John Dorrance to see if he's available to open the house and barn and give us a tour. Afterwards, we can take a van up to Coyote Peak. Kitty will get the van. Afterwards, we'll go for dinner at Flames. We should be done around 7.
  • We talked about clearing away the dirt and vines in front of Santa Teresa Spring and the shrine. We could get students to work on it as part of a volunteer work project in exchange for the parks waiving fees for the cross-country meet. We need to talk to Roxanne and John Dorrance about it. We could have a recognition event and potluck picnic after the work day..
  • Fandango may be canceled. The interpretive staff is short-handed. They need to hire 2 new interpreters to fill 2 openings. If they can hire some people, they might be able to organize Fandango, but they won't have much time.
  • Ed said that someone was caught shoot arrows at turkeys from a bike. He said there have been break-ins and thefts in the Manila Drive neighborhood.
  • Ron will be helping to lead a hike at the new Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve on Tuesday July 14 at 9:30 am.
  • Carnivorous Plant Night is on July 11 at the 7:30 at the Bernal Ranch.
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    Created 7/2/15  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park