Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 6/4/15


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Martin Reinders, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, and Ron Horii.
  • Last month we talked about the Santa Teresa Historic Site Plan at the Pyzak/Bonetti Ranch and Bear Tree Lot. $600K in capital funds will be used to widen Curie, but implementing the total plan would cost $7.2M, which is unfunded. It has 9 phases and could be built in phases.
  • We talked about the Pyzak House. It has severe termite damage and may need to be torn down. Marty suggested trying to get a grant from the Historic Heritage Commission to restore it. They have $300K total for historic restoration grants. Someone in the Parks Department, like Mark Frederick, would need to put together a grant request. Kitty will ask Mark about it.
  • Part of the funding to buy the Pyzak Ranch came from the Open Space Authority's 20% fund, requested by Forrest Williams. The OSA will have more money available in 2016 due to Measure Q. Funds may be available to help implement the Santa Teresa Historic Site Plan.
  • Treasurer's report (Greg): Balance: $819.55. There is a $30 PO Box fee outstanding. Mike got $25 for giving a talk to a women's group.
  • Ron made a flyer to pass out at Festival in the Park. It will be passed out at the Parks booth.
  • Ron is editing the newsletter. Sam can pass it out at the 4th of July event at Almaden Lake Park. He has a booth for the Umunhum Conservancy.
  • Ron entered a pictures for the Visual San Jose Historic Photo Contest. His picture of the Casa Grande was chosen as a finalist. It will be on display at Southern Lumber until June 16. The awards ceremony will be on June 16 at 6:30 pm at Southern Lumber.
  • Mike asked Julie Lee about doing a van tour of Santa Teresa Park. She said it was OK. He'll write up the proposal. (Marty said he is a County employee and can drive park vans.)
  • Roxanne talked about the next cross-country race at Santa Teresa Park. It will be held on Thursday 9/24 from 3:30-5. 3 schools will be participating. The cross-country season is 6 weeks long. There is a meet every Thursday. They race on dirt trails.
  • We talked about having a FOSTP recognition event, like a potluck BBQ in the fall, maybe at the end of August.
  • The Village Fest is being organized by Councilmember Ash Kalra's office. It will be at the Village Oaks Shopping Center on Cottle Road on Sept. 19. We could have a booth there. Sam is interested in having an Umunhum Conservancy booth there. We are waiting to get an application form from Ash Kalra's office. There may be conflicts. Sept. 19 is also Chitactac Family Day, Coastal Cleanup Day, and Coyote Valley Farm Fest Day. We'll see who is free to setup and man our own booth.
  • The CAP Grant final report is due in September.
  • Sam will be at Festival in the Park in the Umunhum Conservancy booth.
  • Sam will be leading a geocaching class at Almaden Quicksilver's Wood Road Trail on June 13.
  • There will be a presentation on Mt. Umunhum and the Almaden Air Force Station at the Casa Grande on June 14 and the Campbell Library on June 17 at 7 pm.
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    Created 6/16/15  by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park