Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 6/3/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Mario Blaum, Ed Jackson, Woody Collins
  • We spent $52.94. $32.94 was for food for the pre-Mother's Day event. $20 was for the state registration fee.
  • Mike had a release of liability form that he copied and modified from an NPS form. We could use it in case we need it. We approved it.
  • We got our training certificate from the UNSCC, which says that we fulfilled our class requirement for the Cycle 23 CAP Grant.
  • The city still has to approve the funds for our CAP Grant, then we can pick up our check.
  • The May work day was canceled because of rain. Mike & Kitty showed up. We need to get more help for future work days.
  • The docent guidelines from Gloria Gill are almost approved. They will be using the draft for awhile.
  • June 26 is Festival in the Park at Hellyer. Volunteers are needed to help out.
  • Blackberry bushes along Manila Drive near Manila Way were removed.
  • 9/18/10 is Santa Teresa Community Fest. Coastal Cleanup Day is the same day.
  • 8/21/10 is Fandango. We can do a simpler version of the mud bricks.
  • The Parks Dept. is doing a building inventory of all buildings in all the parks, including buildings they do not want to save. The buildings will be prioritized for restoration. There is a new committee that will decide, made up of 3 park staff, 1 park commissioner, and 1 Historic Heritage Commission member. The top priority will most likely be the Grant House.We can gather information on the buildings in Santa Teresa Park and provide it to the committee.
  • Julie Mark is interim County Parks director.
  • The solar lights at Santa Teresa Spring still don't work. There are plenty of activities at the spring every night. The neighbors call the sheriff when there's a problem.
  • Mike talked to Chris Elias about taking on a project concerning the Coyote-Alamitos Canal, concerning the lack of maintenance, neighborhood concerns, and access issues. Someone from the Water District will come to our meeting. We can talk about graffiti, vandalism, and canal cleanup.
  • The interpretive sign on Coyote Peak is on hold. Sam went to Mission Peak. The tubes are still there, but the signs are gone. The numbers on the tubes are gone. It's covered with graffiti. At the top of Boccardo OSP, above Alum Rock Park, there is a panoramic sign. On top of Mt. Diablo are panoramic signs with line drawings of the hills and arrows pointing to points of interest.
  • We want to have a new newsletter ready for Festival in the Park in June. Mike wrote articles on Paul Lee, who has placed 200 bird boxes in Santa Teresa park, Alamitos Creek, and Calero. Ron will edit the newsletter and send reminders out. We should publicize the open house day at Chitactac.
  • The Adopt-a-Trail final documentation will go to the VCC for review on June 8. The VCC must approve it. Greg Bringelson helped write it. They will work on getting signs up and more trails adopted.
  • Woody said the downed towers on Coyote Peak have been taken out.
  • Saturday is the opening of Alviso Marina to boats. Rowboats and motorboats can access the Bay. The channel has been dredged.
  • Parks marketing has been helped by geocaching.
  • Ranger Gina is back. She had a broken wrist.
  • Only rangers can tell visitors the park rules.
  • Ron showed pictures he took at Rancho San Vicente of the hike with Jan Shriner and Tom Cochrane, looking for wildflowers and exploring the corners of the property. He also showed pictures of Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge, and sunset pictures of the Bernal Ranch and the Norred Trail.
  • October 9 is the dedication of the Casa Grande.

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    Created 6/28/10 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park