Friends of Santa Teresa Park Zoom Meeting, 6/2/22


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Greg Koopman, Woody Collins, Sam Drake, Kim Gardner, Ron Horii. New: Lori Krein. Lori is from Campbell. She wants to join us to get outside, meet people, and experience nature. She helped clean up the chicken coop on 3/4/22, then came to help us pull weeds in the garden.
    • Here's the meeting agenda.
    • Mike shared a Youtube video of a small griststone. Mike wants to get a portable grist mill and use it for demonstrations. He said Scott Hayes can make one.
    • This was an online Zoom videoconference meeting. Mike sent out a meeting link for this Zoom meeting.  Here's the agenda for today's meeting.
    • Mike proposes we have an informal picnic and hike at the Bernal Ranch on Saturday June 25th to celebrate our 30th anniversary. This year is also the 20th anniversary of the ranch's opening, which was dedicated on June 29, 2002. This would not be a public hike, so we wouldn't need a permit or insurance. We can meet at the picnic tables below the spring. We can hike the new trail. It will be cooler in the afternoon, so it will be better to meet around 5:00 pm. 
    • Greg is on a trip to the Caribbean. He'll be back in 1 1/2 weeks.
    • Our work day is tomorrow morning, 6/3/22, at 9:00. Meet at the Bernal Ranch.
    • Mike Cox's presentation on the Santa Teresa Mercury Mine will be on Aug. 4 at 7 pm at our usual meeting time. It will be at the Santa Teresa Golf Club's upper banquet room, if we can get it. Otherwise, it will be on Zoom.
    • Ron showed pictures: our cleanup day at the Bernal Ranch on May 6; the first school tour at the ranch; barn owls in the owl box behind the ranch house; flowers on the Stile Ranch Trail; views of the new property between Calero and Santa Teresa (see below); sycamore trees staged in the Pueblo corral area to be planted along waterways in the park (now drip-watered); flowers along the Hidden Springs Trail; the Preservation Awards night (see below); presentation of the awards to Kitty at her home; conditions around the ranch house, Santa Teresa Spring, and around the new trail; and conditions along the Ohlone Trail.
    • Treasurer's report: $2049.60 in our account at Wells Fargo. There are $466.76 in outstanding checks. The balance after the checks are cashed will be $1582.84.
    • We got $1500 from our Beautify SJ Grant. It runs until 12/31/22.
    • This year is FOSTP's 30th anniversary. We could get T-shirts to commemorate our anniversary. If we want to get T-shirts, they cost $20-$30. The Beautify SJ Grant pays $15 per shirt. It does not pay for hats, patches, or other apparel. Gus ordered the last set of T-shirts. There aren't any left.
    • Our work plan has been signed off by the Parks Department. Mike talked to Jason about our work plan. They are OK with what we are doing now. We can repair potholes in trails and pull blackberries and garden box weeds. If we do something different, we need to submit a plan. The volunteer hours for the work group will automatically be entered into the system each month. For those who don't show up, the hours will be removed. We need to take a training class, taught by park staff, if we want to use power equipment. 
    • At the Parks Commission meeting, they reported that the naming of the new trail at Santa Teresa is still pending. It depends on the naming committee, which will be chaired by Kim Brosseau.
    • The Parks Dept. is planning a La Fuente celebration on 7/30. We got an invitation from Rob McDonnell to participate. We'll have an information booth there. We'll do that instead of National Night Out, which would have been only 3 days later on 8/2. That will be the next opportunity to distribute our latest newsletter. We need to have a newsletter ready by 7/23 so we can print up enough copies to distribute on 7/30. Ron can make up a display of past FOSTP events.
    • Our newsletter can have articles about the new trail, the Battle of Santa Teresa, and Kitty's awards.
    • NAQCPA is working on holding Pioneer Day at the Casa Grande on 10/8/22. 
    • On 5/21/22 at 5 pm, the Santa Clara County Preservation Alliance hosted a Preservation Awards Night at History San Jose Park. Kitty Monahan and Bruce Bartlett of NAQCPA were honored. FOSTP shared an information table with NAQCPA. Mike Boulland staffed the FOSTP table, with Veronica Jordan representing NAQCPA. Mike passed out a trifold flyer and showed pictures of Kitty. Kitty received a Preservation Lifetime Achievement Award and a commendation from the Board of Supervisors. She was unable to attend because of her health, so Mike Cox accepted the award for her. Here are pictures from the Awards Night. On 5/25/22, NAQCPA members and Lynda Will visited Kitty at her home to present her with the awards. She was happy to see everyone and receive the awards.
    • Mike talked about donating a bench in Kitty's honor. Note that the grant won't cover it. Benches cost about $1700.
    • The County recently bought the property along Fortini Road between the Stile Ranch entrance of Santa Teresa Park and the Rancho San Vicente entrance to Calero. There will probably be meetings in the future to discuss building a trail through the property to join the two parks. We should get involved with that process.
    • Greg said the city is investigating the entrance to the new trail across from Bernal School. 
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