Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 5/3/18


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Kim Gardner, Augusto Letona, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Marilyn August, Ron Horii.
    • Bank balance: $2697.06. A check for $200 to UNSCC is outstanding.
    • Bike Demo Days are at Santa Teresa this Friday-Sunday. Ron asked Frank Weilland to have the rangers drop off Play Here's and volunteer flyers to them.
    • The Spring Celebration is at Martial Cottle Park this Saturday 5/5 from 10am-3pm.
    • For giving us credit for volunteer hours for attending FOSTP meetings, Julie Lee says to give her the names of everyone on the board. They will automatically be credited for the meeting hours. After we send her the meeting minutes, with the attendees, she will deduct the hours from those who did not attend.
    •  Melissa Hippard will help us get 501c3 status.
    • John Dorrance has retired. He did not want a retirement party with the department. We should take him out to dinner, maybe after going for a hike first.
    • National Night Out (NNO), 8/7/18: 
      • Debbie is charge. Marilyn will be helping. Kitty, Roxanne, & Greg have NNO's in their own neighborhoods so won't be coming. 
      • Elizabeth Evans said there will be no Fandango this year, since it is too expensive, and there's no one to take over since John Dorrance retired. Instead, they will unlock the buildings and do activities and games at NNO. We need to see if they will provide people to help with those activities.
      • We need to make an effort to recruit more members at NNO.
      • We need an NNO banner that could be seen from the street so people would know about the event. We could make a banner for NNO that matches our current blue banner and put the two together on the fence.
      • We need posters and flyers for publicity. We could put them in the library and coffee houses. We will get popsicles to hand out. Steve Crockett will help with parking again. Kim will contact the fire department, sheriffs, and park rangers.
      • Roxanne said she could get County Parks T-shirts for us from the volunteers office. 
      • We need to get FOSTP-logo'd items for NNO. Jorge made the glasses with the FOSTP logo. He can make more. We need FOSTP T-shirts. Augusto said they can be had for as little as $6, with ~25 minimum quantity. He has a contact. 
      • [Note that our Beautify SJ Grant has $1150 for National Night Out informational handouts, refreshments, & shirts. It has $150 for National Night Out event insurance and $500 for Family Fandango/Community Event supplies. The grant will pay $15 per T-shirt.]
      • We could get entertainment, like the Bernal Band.
      • We could ask for donations for the raffle drawing. If they need a 501c3 number, we could use NAQCPA's. We need a letter asking for donations. Kim will write the thank you's. We'll make a thank you poster like last year.
      • We all help with setup and teardown. We'll use the park's picnic benches except for the ice cream booth. We'll need tables and a canopy. Marilyn has a canopy if needed. 
      • We need to get the Manila Drive neighbors involved and to help spread the word. We should talk to Kevin Pietschker and Eric McKinley.
      • Mike will take care of the permits.
    • We will be cleaning up Santa Teresa Blvd. We'll meet on Bayliss at 8:00 am on May 20 and work our way south on Santa Teresa Blvd. We should contact the city first. They can provide instructions, equipment, bags, and trash pickup.
    • Ron showed pictures of the Volunteer Recognition lunch, the memorial at Oak Hill Cemetery with Ron's picture of Santa Teresa Park on the back, wildflowers in the park, our hike to Coyote Peak and the Rocky Ridge Trail, garden boxes at the Bernal Ranch, new sign memorializing Rick Leonard, new poster showing volunteers at the ranch, John Dorrance saying good-bye, overgrowth at Santa Teresa Spring, woodpecker and owls at the ranch, flowers on Bernal Hill, grafitti on Pyzak Ranch buildings, the Norred Trail, and construction at the Muriel Wright Center, which has a new fence.
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       Created 5/4/18 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park