Friends of Santa Teresa Park Zoom Meeting, 3/2/23


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Greg Koopman, Joan Murphy, Ron Horii. 
    • This was an online Zoom videoconference meeting. Mike sent out a meeting link for this Zoom meeting.
    • We had a work day on 2/3/23. It was indoors, cleaning up the west barn. We cleaned out some of the surplus school supplies and filled in holes in the ground made by squirrels. We also swept the floor and cleaned off the benches.
    • Joan worked on 2/10/23, weeding the butterfly box and the ground around the other boxes.
    • We will have a work day on 3/3/23. We will meet at the Bernal Ranch by the chicken coop. The one after that will be on 4/7/23.
    • Ron read the minutes from our February 2, 2023 meeting.
    • We will be having a history and nature hike on 5/13/23 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on the Stile/Mine/Fortini trails.
    • The decision on the awarding of the Beautify San Jose grants has been delayed until the end of March.
    • Ken Podgorsek, head of UNSCC, passed away in December. There was a memorial for Ken on 2/26/23 at Mexican Heritage Plaza.
    • Mike bought stamps from Jim Besau with our FOSTP logo for making wooden tokens for giveaways at events.
    • Mike will bring the time capsule to La Fuente.
    • The County Parks is updating the Countywide TrailsHike to the Boundary of Santa Teresa, Treefalls & Views, 3/27/23Hike to the Boundary of Santa Teresa, Treefalls & Views, 3/27/23Hike to the Boundary of Santa Teresa, Treefalls & Views, 3/27/23Hike to the Boundary of Santa Teresa, Treefalls & Views, 3/27/23Hike to the Boundary of Santa Teresa, Treefalls & Views, 3/27/23 Master Plan. There will be a live meeting on 3/23/23 from 6-8 pm at County Park HQs. There will be a Zoom meeting on 3/29/23 from 6-7:30 pm. The plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission on 4/5/23 at 6:30 pm at the County building downtown.
    • At the Parks & Recreation Commission meeting, speakers are allowed to talk for 3 minutes on items not on the agenda. Mike is normally on the agenda to talk about FOSTP. Kitty used to be, to talk about NAQCPA.
    • Mike will submit our work plan.
    • Mike talked to Jaclyn Caldwell about us getting a guided tour of Black Diamond Mines. She was an interpreter at the Casa Grande and now works at Black Diamond. We need to pick a date in April.
    • On 3/17/23, there will be burning of brush piles at the Hacienda area in Almaden Quicksilver.
    • The New Almaden Community Club will have a potluck on St. Patrick's Day.
    • Greg said there will be a dumpster day in his neighborhood.
    • The volunteer luncheon will be on 4/15/23 from 12-3 pm at Hellyer's Buena Vista Picnic Area.
    • Ron's slideshow:
      • 2/3/23 work day cleaning up the west barn
      • Trail closure notice for 3/1-4/30/23 due to PG&E working on the trails and service roads that lead to their towers.
      • 2/13/23: Notice that trails in Santa Teresa are closed to mountain bikers, but are open in Almaden Quicksilver. The Norred Trail has very muddy spots near the Joice Trail junction and the upper barn. The Joice Trail is deeply eroded by the Norred Trail junction and is muddy where streams cross it higher up. 
      • 2/18/23: There's a hummingbird's nest on the porch supports in front of the ranch house.
      • 2/24/23: There was snow on the Diablo Range and the Sierra Azuls visible from the Pueblo Area.
      • 2/25/23: There were lots of weeds in the garden boxes, mostly grass, and oxalis growing around the valley oak tree in front of the ranch house. There are leaves in the gutter above the retaining wall on Manila Drive. We can clean these areas up during our next work day.
      • 2/27/23: There's a lot of water flowing in Santa Teresa Spring. Mud and rocks have covered the right side of the shrine and below the spring font. The image of the black-robed woman on the sign for Santa Teresa Spring has been scratched up. The French broom has been growing around the pond. The paths below the spring are deeply eroded. The ramp to the spring is holding up well, due to the water bars we fixed.
      • There's an open burn notification posted for Santa Teresa from May 17-24.
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       Created 4/6/23 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park
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