Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 2/2/06

  • Attendees: Mike, Dorene, & Marc Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Paul & Lenel Vincze, Holly Davis, Mario Blaum, Lynne Paulson
  • $50K has been allocated for the master plan revision for Santa Teresa Park. It will involve the development of the Pyzak Ranch property.
  • Money has been put back to start the old barn restoration. They need to get a grant to finish it. They have a design.
  • A new negative declaration document for the Brockenhurst trail entrance was sent out to the neighbors. It has been split off as a separate issue from the trail development. A separate neg. dec. for the trail was not out yet. They are working ont modifying the trail plan to make it a multi-use  trail.
  • The city put out an informational brochure about the pig problem. Joe Schultz accepted a multiple approach. Trapping can be done. It will be up to the ranger to decide when to do trapping. Over 2500 pigs were trapped in other parks.
  • Forrest Williams wanted us to look into getting grants for pig trapping and shooting. The University of California has a pellet that makes pigs sterile.
  • Kathleen Hooper had a meeting to discuss geocaching.
  • Mke met with Dave Hildebrand to talk about getting 5013c status. We can modify the one the Los Alamitos Creek organization used. Zoe Lofgren's aide will be reviewing it.
  • Lynne Poulson talked about the Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association. They will be meeting with the Water District on opening part of the trail. They talked about changing the rules on hillside development with Rachael Gibson. The People for Land and Nature (PLAN) will have a November ballot issue on hillside protection. The greenbelt designation only covers Coyote Valley. It does not cover the hillsides. The ballot will have more rules for development in out-lying areas of Santa Clara County.
  • Ron showed pictures:  fallen trees in the golf course, Pueblo Area, and the Joice trail; pig damage in the park; school visitors at the BGJ Ranch; fallen tree on the Joice Trail; and the condition of the Hidden Springs Trail, Mine, Pueblo, and Joice trails.
  • Our bank balance is $433.44.
  • Volunteer Hours:
    • Ronald Horii:  19
    • Mike Boulland: 15
    • Dorene Boulland: 8
    • Marc Boulland: 2
    • Kitty Monahan:  6
    • Paul Vincze: 10
    • Mario Blaum: 12
    • Holly Davis: 8
    • Lynne Paulson: 3
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Created 2/26/05 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park