Friends of Santa Teresa Park Zoom Meeting, 1/7/21


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Kim Garland, Steve Crockett, Gus Letona, Woody Collins, Joan Murphy, Ron Horii, visiting: Blair Pagano, County Parks Volunteer Program Coordinator
    • This was an online Zoom videoconference meeting. Mike sent out a meeting link for this Zoom meeting. Here's the agenda for today's meeting.
    • There was no meeting in December 2020. The next meeting will be on February 4, 2021, 7 pm on Zoom.
    • The main purpose of this meeting was to talk to Blair Pagano about volunteer work activities for FOSTP. We all introduced ourselves to her.
    • Blair is the new Volunteer Progeam Coordinator. She is from San Francisco. She spent 20 years working for the San Francisco Zoo as a volunteer, zookeeper, and ran the volunteer program. She ran 4 different volunteer groups. 
    • Julie Lee is still the Volunteer Program Manager, but she is on temporary assignment as a disaster service worker arranging emergency housing during the pandemic. She may be back in the spring. Vanessa Clayton is doing 2 jobs as a ranger at Anderson and Interim Volunteer Program Manager while Julie is out. The Muriel Wright Center is closed. The Volunteer Program office may eventually move to the new County office buildings on Silver Creek Valley Rd
    • The only volunteer activities that are currently allowed during the pandemic are land stewards, trail watch, camp hosts, and tree watering. 
    • Blair hosted a Zoom social event for volunteers on 12/11/20. She will be planning more, which will be unstructured chats among volunteers.
    • For trail days, pre-COVID19, volunteers could sign in through Samaritan or just show up and sign in. During COVID19, they must sign in online. Post-COVID19, volunteers will be encouraged to sign in online to reduce staff workload, but they will still be able to sign in on paper. 
    • Greg contacted Jeremy Celaya in Maintenance about doing work in Santa Teresa. Blair will talk to Vanessa about procedures and will get a description of the scope of work from Jeremy.
    • For entering volunteer hours on Samaritan, it's only important to enter the date and time, except for Trail Watch, where they want to know what you saw.
    • Trail Watch is led by a ranger liaison. For Santa Teresa, that's Ruben Suarez. For Land Stewards, the liaisons are project-dependent. Blair can be the first contact for volunteer work in the park. She can tell you who to talk to for more details.
    • For long-term volunteers, who will not need to be supervised by park staff, they need to have Livescan fingerprinting (one-time only) and sign the outside employment disclosure form yearly. These requirements are not necessary for short-term or one-time volunteers who will be supervised by park staff. One-time volunteers only need to sign the liability waiver form. They can sign it online on Samaritan. They have to sign-in each time they volunteer.
    • Greg said that we are filling out a project proposal for our work at Santa Teresa. It will list potential projects. Blair said it should say that we have been working with Jeremy, and it should have a list of volunteers. One of us can be the project lead and report the hours for the group. However, if volunteers want to get credit for their hours to earn an annual parking pass, they need to report their hours in Samaritan separately. Blair and Greg will talk separately about the procedures, after Blair talks more with Vanessa.
    • Joan said that something that needs attention is the Bat Hotel at Calero. It needs to be cleaned annually.
    • Greg said there has been no changes in our bank account.
    • Ron showed a slideshow: views from the Vista Loop, Christmas lights on the Joice Trail, a fallen bay tree on the Ohlone Trail that Woody helped to clean up, the Zoom social for volunteers, sunset at the Bernal Ranch, Vanessa's storytime Zoom program, Coyote Peak views and graffiti on the back of our sign, a mini metal monument by the Rocky Ridge Trail, muddy parts of the lower Rocky Ridge Trail, Victoria's Victorian Holiday program at the Casa Grande, locked gates around the Bernal Ranch house, the garden boxes, leaves on and around the ranch house, Santa Teresa Spring, the Norred Trail, the Pyzak Ranch, and grass re-growing on the burned areas of the Pueblo Area. 
    • The pictures showed some work opportunities: weeding in and around the garden boxes, raking leaves on and around the ranch house, clearing the mud and brambles from around Santa Teresa Spring, cleaning grafitti from around the Norred Trail.
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