Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 1/7/10

  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Ronald Horii, Kitty Monahan, Roland LeBrun, Mario Blaum, Sam Drake, Ed Jackson
  • This was a dinner meeting at Mike and Dorene Boulland's house.
  • Our balance is $455.51. We approved the budget.
  • We will be sending out the forms to the State Attorney General to register our organization.
  • We will have elections in our March meeting. Nominations will be accepted in our next meeting.
  • For our next meeting, we should get someone to talk about cattle grazing in Santa Teresa Park.
  • We'll have an invasive species work party at 9:00 on Tuesday 1/19 at the Bernal Ranch. The work around the Caretakers House will involve clearing vegetation away from the fences and clearing a path to the power pole.
  • CAP Grant
    • Mike finished the mid-year report for the CAP Grant.
    • We need to attend 3 more classes to meeting our CAP education requirement.
    • Ron will work on the new grant.
  • There is a new outdoor education grant program for getting at-risk kids to go outdoors into parks. It is a $2 million federal program. Jan 20 is the first meeitng in San Jose. There is a workshop from 3-4 pm and a discussion section from 4:15 to 5 pm at the Mayfair Community Center.
  • Nominations for the County Parks Volunteer Awards is due Feb. 1. The recognition banquet is in April.
  • Lisa Killough has retired. Jim O'Connor is acting parks director. Julie Mark is the assistant director. Lisa is working for the County Executive on habitat conservation. There was a farewell party for her. FOSTP gave her a certificate.
  • STFNA can help pass out work day info. Lynn Paulson said she'd look into the cattle grazing issue.
  • We should write a thank you to Don Gage for supporting Santa Teresa Park.
  • The proposal for restoring the old barn involves moving the foundation away from the oak tree in the corner. Roland proposes moving the tree. He thinks it might cost around $6K. The barn is older than the tree. The tree is less than 50 years old. The barn is the oldest building in the park.
  • The county will spend $50K on a consultant to survey all structures in all the parks and will decide which buildings to demolish.
  • $9650 was spent on the tarp to cover the roof of the Pyzak House.
  • A $250K grant was requested to pay for fencing to allow cattle grazing in Santa Teresa Park. It was denied. $60K was spent on a consultant to come up with a plan. We should ask for a copy of the consultant's report. Don Rocha implemented cattle grazing at other parks. Santa Teresa needs water and fencing.
  • We talked about putting interpretive plaques on Coyote Peak. Sweeney Ridge has a monument with a cylinder engraved with images of  the scenery. Robin Schaut will pay for 1 interpretive sign.
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Created 1/28/10 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park