Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 1/5/17


  • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Sam Drake, Woody Collins, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Ron Horii, Eric McKinley, Jorge & Debbie Porras, Ranger Justin Everts
  • Eric lives on Manila Drive. He wants to see the plans completed for the Santa Teresa Park Historic Area. He's seeing less illegal activity at Santa Teresa Spring in the winter. A neighbor's car was broken into. There have been 2 break-ins on the street. There have been less people playing Pokemon Go at the spring.
  • Justin Everts gave the ranger report. 
    • Rangers are on duty until 2 hours after sunset, which is 6:30 to 7:00 now.  After that, calls go to dispatch. They call the sheriffs, who come from all over San Jose. 
    • Justin has been a ranger for 2 years. He's been at Hellyer for 1 year. Frank Weiland will be the senior ranger at Hellyer, starting on Feb. 6. In the meantime, Justin will be the acting senior ranger for 2 weeks. Ryan Lugo will be the acting senior ranger for the following 2 weeks, after which he'll go back to Ed Levin. They will have 2 seasonal workers to help out: Daniel Sanchez and Josh Werner. They need to have 5 rangers at Hellyer to be fully staffed. They are short 2. Brian Liu is the other full-time ranger. There are more in the academy.
    • Justin said that on 2/12, there will be a meeting with park construction manager Mark Frederick. They will talk about the widening of Curie Drive at the Pyzak/Bonetti Ranch site. It's not clear whether they are going to widen the road or build a trail next to the road.
    • On 1/14/17, starting at 9:00 am, there will be an MLK Day Trail Work Day in the park. Volunteers will meet in the parking lot by the Pueblo Area corral. They will work on the Rocky Ridge Trail. They may work on the Mine Trail.
    • There is a program called Tiny Treks for kindergarten kids from 1/17-21 at the Bernal Ranch. 
    • On 3/25, the Almaden Half Marathon race will be held. They will start at Lake Almaden and take the Los Alamitos Creek Trail, the Calero Creek Trail, the Stile Ranch Trail, the Mine Trail to the Pueblo Area corral and back.
  • Treasurer's report: We had $757.50 in the bank at the end of the year. Reimbursement checks: Ron for CD's, meeting, newsletter, and publication expenses for CAP Grant Cycle 29 and 30: $11.99 and $178.93; Mike Boulland for meeting, newsletter, and publication expenses: $178.93, $76.43, and $75.00. We will have $415 in the bank at the end of the month. Mike charged $100 for insurance for the guided tours he leads and paid it back.
  • Jorge works with the Boy Scouts. They have done projects at Santa Teresa Park and Chitactac-Adams. They have done trail cleanup. Eagle Scout candidate Andrew wants to build an extension of the trail by Santa Teresa Spring to Manila Way. He has been helping to build trails for 10 years.
  • We talked about the Manila Way Trail project. It's about 250 feet from the end of the existing path below Santa Teresa Spring to the proposed trailhead at Manila Way. We have to be careful because there's an oak tree there with a big beehive in the trunk. The fence already ends there just past the oak tree, so there's no need to put an opening in the fence for the trailhead. The branches of the oak tree may need to be trimmed to provide more headroom. We need to form a subcommittee, which will meet next week. Once there's a new trailhead on Manila Way, the neighbors on Manila Drive want the entrance below the spring to be closed. That will encourage parking on Manila Way, which is wider and has no houses or driveways facing it. It also leads directly to the Albertson Parkway. The trail is part of the original park master plan and the recent historic site plan. Project leads will be Greg and Eric.
  • Mike reviewed the trail proposal with Frank Weiland. He had some comments and questions:  documentation for source of funding, budget plan, cost of labor and materials, construction plan timeline, start and end points, mitigating Native American archeological findings, how the trail will serve the community, companies that will use the trail. The plan needs approval from Anne Thomson, who is the new supervisor in the Planning Department. Mike talked to Kim Brosseau in Planning about it. Melissa Hippard can be the staff lead contact. What about insurance, UNSCC or Boy Scouts? The costs will depend on what we can get for free, estimated from $1K to $5K. 
  • In case the project is held up by approvals or the lack of funding, Andrew needs alternative Eagle Scout projects. Some ideas: repairing the fence that got knocked down by the treefall by the spring, replacing the signs along the Nature Trail.
  • Fundraising ideas for the trail project and for our organization in general: silent auctions, fun runs, guided hikes in the Pueblo Area. Roxanne will look into it.
  • National Night Out is in August. We need to plan for it later this year. Mike has the forms. We need a committee to work on it. It will probably be at the Bernal Ranch.
  • Santa Teresa Spring will need to be cleaned up again and the vines cut back. We'll look at doing that after April.
  • We'll have a field trip to Martinez to see the John Muir National Historic Site and Berryessa Adobe. We'll due that after June.
  • Ron showed pictures from November and December:  the REI/Bay Area Ridge Trail work day on the Stile Ranch Trail, Ron's photography class at the Bernal Ranch, views from Coyote Peak and Christmas decorations there, the Norred Trail and graffiti on the canal, Santa Claus at the Bernal Ranch, the Ohlone Trail and pig damage, views of Mt. Umunhum, and the Hidden Springs Trail.
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