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Festival in the Park

Hellyer County Park

June 22, 2013

The Santa Clara County Parks held their seventh annual Festival in the Park at Hellyer County Park on June 22, 2012. The purpose of the festival was to inspire and educate visitors on health and wellness in a fun atmosphere. This year, the festival was subtitled "Stayin' Alive." The title had to do with the CPR classes. See below. Here are some pictures from the event, not necessarily in chronological order, with a small sample of the many exhibitors:

The SCCPRD's banner greets visitors to Hellyer County Park.

Volunteer check-in booth.

Gifts for volunteers.

Docent Robbie Lamons gets ready at the SCCPRD's kids' craft table. The kids can color and cut out animal masks.

The SCCPRD is taking a survey for the new Vasona Lake County Park Playground. The public can express their preferences for what features they'd like to see in the playground.

Mark Frederick (right), Construction Services Manager for the County Parks talks to visitors about the Vasona Lake Playground plans. Design consultant Mike Bellinger (left) is working on the playground design.

Park staffers Kim Brousseau, Janet Hawks, Jane Mark, and Sandie Day (in back) check in exhibitors.

Volunteers get ready. Ahead is the hospitality booth for exhibitors.

Breakfast for exhibitors

View of the aisles of booths.

Volunteers help setup overhead shade for exhibitors.

A curious Canada goose visits the festival, while most of its brethren stay in another part of the park.

Steve Munzel offers garden advice at the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County's booth.

Santa Clara County Open Space Authority has information about their preserves.

The Santa Clara County Open Space Authority has a nature wheel of fortune game.

The Santa Clara County Open Space Authority has a nature matching game. is a partnership of public transit agencies. They provide transit information.

Alzheimer's Association

Visitors line up for water at one of the 3 water booths.

Thirsty visitors get free water bottles at the water stations, which they can fill with free cold bottled spring water.

SilverCreek Sportsplex

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has several booths. This one has a bean bag toss game promoting healthy diets.

This Santa Clara County Public Health Department booth has kids craft activities.

This Santa Clara County Public Health Department booth has diet information.

This Santa Clara County Public Health Department booth has information about lead.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley helps restore homes of low-income homeowners and repair non-profit facilities.

Family Life Christian Center is a church a short distance west of Hellyer Park. They provided free parking for festival attendees.

State Farm Insurance

The Santa Clara County Vector Control District has mosquito fish on display and demonstrates how they eat mosquitoes.

This is Community United San Jose, which serves at-risk youth.

Santa Clara County Office of Education

Santa Clara County Dental Society

The Santa Clara Valley Carvers show off examples of their woodcarvings.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

The Santa Clara County Department of Weights and Measures

Boxes are set out for the CPR classes.

This is one of the CPR class kits and a necklace for those who take it.

Robb Courtney, director SCCPRD, greets the visitors.

Grady Turner of the Rhythm G's Entertainment tries out one of the Mini Anne CPR manikins.

Grady Turner leads a warm-up exercise dance for the CPR class.

The CPR class begins with the students inflating their CPR manikins.

The CPR instructors demonstrate how to do chest compressions. They are learning hands-only CPR, which uses chest compressions only and not artificial respiration.

The CPR class practices chest compressions. CPR is done at the same tempo as the BeeGees song "Stayin' Alive."  That's the source of this year's Festival in the Park subtitle.

This is the American Heart Association's booth next to the main stage. They are one of the sponsors of the CPR classes.

Latino broadcasters 105.7 FM radio and Channel 14 Univision

Chiropractic First provides spinal checks

Sam Drake and Mike Flaugher at the Bay Area Ridge Trail's booth.

Visitors check out the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Later in the day, Smokey the Bear comes to visit the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

South Bay Trainers talk about animal training.

Docents Steve Crockett and Janice Frazier introduce visitors to the County Parks' Healthy Trails program.

Docent Kitty Monahan (center) answers questions about the County Parks.

Park interpreters Bridget Orcutt and Chris Carson work at the County Parks interpretive booth

Kids gather at the County Parks' craft table and make animal masks.

Displays of mounted animals, pelts, bones, and simulated scat at the County Parks booth.

County Park rangers pass out information about the County Parks and demonstrate animals, like this king snake.

County Park staffers give out free frozen juice bars.

The CHP demonstrates a patrol car.

Smokey the Bear is the mascot at the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council's booth.

Kids line up for face-painting and animal balloons.

Adventurous young rock-climbers scale the climbing wall.

This is one of the 2 very popular bounce houses.

Kids use soft bollards to try to knock each other off the pedestals in this inflatable game arena.

Kaiser Permanente's booth has educational games and demos for kids.

Kids have fun challenges and get exercise at Kaiser's booth.

In the food court, Subway provides sandwiches, while Surf Doggies serves hotdogs and chili.

In the food court, these food trucks serve Italian food and fruit.

The smell of BBQ'd meats comes from this grill.

Hula hoop fitness demonstration.

The American Red Cross provides emergency and first aid services.

Kids gather on the stage and dance, led by Grady Turner.

The Los Gatos-Saratoga Recreation District, which runs the boat concession at Vasona Lake, have free kayak and stand-up paddleboard rides.

Paddleboarders and kayaker on Cottonwood Lake.

There are lots of kayaks and paddleboards on Cottonwood Lake today, a sight only seen once a year at Festival in the Park, since boats are normally not allowed on the lake.

The Master Composters talk about composting.

Kids play a pollution-prevention-related bean bag toss game at the Watershed Watch booth.

Guests spin the wheel to win prizes at Yellow Cab's booth.

The Youth Science Institute has specimens that the kids can touch.

Rocketship Education has schools in San Jose, focusing on reducing the achievement gap in low-income neighborhoods.

Donate Life California, organ and tissue donor registry.

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Bay Area Hispanic newspaper El Observador

Our City Forest has information about urban tree planting.

Dagorhir Mallenrod demonstrates safe medieval-style combat using soft weapons.

County Supervisor Dave Cortese's booth.

Visitors line up to pick raffle chips out of a box. Colored chips signify an instant winner.

County Supervisor Dave Cortese awards a bike to a family that won it in a raffle.

San Jose City Councilmember Ash Kalra awards a bicycle to another raffle winner.

The Hellyer Velodrome has free bicycle rides.

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